The Cloud And OpenStack: Interoperability Issues?

The Cloud And OpenStack: Interoperability Issues In 2008, Reuven Cohen started one of the first Google groups created for those who wished to discuss the cloud, named “The Cloud Computing Interoperability Forum.” People posted discussions on topics like problems with standardization and interoperability, but eventually, conversation fizzled and faded away altogether.  Recently, in a Forbes… Read More

Hackers Arrested In Biggest Bank Robbery In World History

Biggest Bank Robbery In World History Technology is changing certain aspects of our lives more and more each day. Like with any other changes, there is good and bad. Good: being able to check your email from any computer or even your smartphone, something we’ve all grown accustomed to. Bad: changing the game for bank… Read More

Internet Retail Tax Coming!

Watch out, world, an Internet Retail Tax might be headed in your direction. The United States Government votes this evening on the “Marketplace Fairness Act.” This act, if passed, will grant states the right to collect taxes from any kind of online retailer. That’s right, any kind of online retailer. Sell something online? You might… Read More

The Chromebook Pixel Is An Interesting Cloud Concept

Chromebook Pixel Google is always innovating. So, it’s not terribly surprising that the Chromebook Pixel is the first laptop of its kind to really rely strictly on the cloud. But, is the world ready for it? Are people really willing to give up non-cloud applications and just use a browser? I use cloud-based applications all… Read More