Cheap Web Hosting Can Grow Your Handyman Business

Handyman Business You are starting up a handyman business, and although you’ve had a few jobs here and there, all word-of-mouth referrals, you want more exposure. What better way than a website?  Let’s take a look at the reasons you should be considering cheap web hosting, and the important decisions you need to make during… Read More

Rogers Is Getting Into the Cloud Game

Guess what, Canada? Rogers Corp is about to become part of the growing cloud. Rogers just purchased a data center operations called Blackiron Data from Primus Telecommunications Group. What was the going price? A cool $200 million! What does Rogers plan to do with the new acquisition? The company could be setting up cheap web… Read More

Is Data Stored in the Cloud Above the Law?

Cloud Data Sending data to a cloud seems safe. After all, that data is probably stored thousands of miles away from your home or business. Psychologically, storing data in cloud hosting companies seems really harmless. Data is sent, stored, and you wipe your hands clean of the whole mess. But, don’t make the mistake of… Read More