Massive Fire Destroys Part of Internet Archives

Fire Destroys Part of Internet Archives The Internet Archive was started in 1996 in order to store all kinds of digital information. Information such as software, movies, sites, and more is kept at the archive’s headquarters in San Francisco. Last night, a massive fire has completely obliterated $600,000 worth of digital equipment. Thankfully, most of… Read More

The Importance Of A Backup Plan

Backup Plan It’s the moment you try with all you have to avoid, but there’s absolutely nothing you can do: your shared hosting website has gone dark due to a hosting provider outage. Although you can research companies for months in order to find the one with the least amount of outages, you’ll never find… Read More

Latest News And Web Hosting Review LiveDrive

Name Price Uptime Visit Now $6.25 /mo 100% Visit LiveDrive… LiveDrive Cloud Storage Unlimited Online Backup Services Company Introduction LiveDriveĀ  is one of the bestĀ  Cloud Storage and Unlimited Online Backup Services service providers in the world and number one in Europe and USA as the reports says. It is established in December 2008… Read More