Apple Releases NSA Request Details

Apple Releases NSA Request Details Apple has released the company’s first transparency report yesterday. This report details what the NSA asked from the company over the past few years – kind of. You see, the NSA won’t let Apple (or any other company, for that matter) disclose specific details. What Apple can tell you is… Read More

Cloud Hosting Provider Battle: Apple Wins, Second Place Might Surprise You

Cloud Hosting Provider Battle When it comes to your video and music content, who’s your cloud-hosting provider? If you’re like the twenty-seven percent of cloud storage clients in the U.S., it’s Apple’s iCloud. Why so much iCloud love? It’s all about the sweet, sweet, music, it seems. People go where the digital media is. So,… Read More

Tim Cook Preaches New Apple

Apple News When Tim Cook talks about Apple, he becomes rhapsodic. When asked by Bloomberg/Business week’s Josh Tyrangiel in an interview this week whether he thought of himself as an “enormously responsible” person, Cook responded: I love the company. A significant part of my life is Apple. Maybe some people would say it’s all of my life. I would say… Read More