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StartLogic hosting company is a leader in the Web Hosting industry offering Web Hosting solutions for governments, individual needs, and even small business’s needs along with so many others.

Hosting Review Startlogic

Startlogic Hosting Company introduction

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StartLogic hosting company is a leader in the Web Hosting industry and was established several years back in the year in a bid to offer their clients, Web Hosting solutions for governments, individual needs and even business needs along with so many others. This web host has it data center located in Phoenix Arizona, in the US.

Startlogic started by youngsters with the vision of developing websites for small businesses and help them to grow online. They have grown tremendously in terms of power as well as size. It results in a rich and huge client database of more than 50,000 clients who are working ahead with the full support of great employees of company from all over the world. Company is operating on a best class platform and using high quality and powerful servers of industry, to provide clients with best value and good online experience.

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Startlogic Reputation

StartLogic hosting company offers great feature-rich Web Hosting services, excellent support reliability and great Web Hosting speeds. The web host is renowned in the industry due to its great Web Hosting technologies, excellent customer service that can be accessed 24/7/365 and responsive technical and customer support.

Startlogic Features

Startlogic Hosting has some basic features for their Web Hosting services include: unlimited disk space, bandwidth, e-mails and unlimited domains can be hosted, web stats, shopping carts are included, support of Perl, CGI-BIN, PHP, SMTP, SSL support along with the use of the world renowned V Deck control panel, daily back ups and so many other features starting at as low as $3.99 per month. The company offers several Web Hosting plans that one can choose from. The personal logic Web Hosting plan comes  with 25GB of disk space and 25GB of bandwidth along with a free site builder, a photo gallery, free Word Press themes, unlimited e-mail boxes and blog and forum tools too. The next Web Hosting plan is the pro logic Web Hosting plan which comes with a choice of shopping carts, $175 on line advertising credits, a free domain on registration, a free set up and better yet unlimited disk space and bandwidth. The VPS Web Hosting plan on the other hand. Comes with 1GB burstable RAM, 20GB of disk space, 1TBN of bandwidth along with open VZ virtualization, the option on of using the Linux operating system along with support of CGI-BIN and SSL support along with much more features. Common features for each Web Hosting plan that the company offers is the instant free set up, daily data back ups and a 30 day money back guarantee in case clients are not satisfied with services rendered.

Startlogic Performance

Startlogic hosting company performs quite well and offers clients efficient Web Hosting services along with feature -rich Web Hosting, reliable, stable and speedy Web Hosting services to their various clients throughout the world. Some of the features of the company' s data center include: an Internet provider, redundant power supplies, generators for power back up, fiber optic connection, multiple of them, surveillance systems and so much more. These features create a stable base for them to offer speedy , stable and reliable Web Hosting services at 99.9% network up time throughout the day and the night.

Startlogic Reliability

StartLogic hosting employs expert engineers  who are dully certified for their technical team thus excellent technical support. On top  of that, the technical support team and the customer care team are available to clients throughout the  year, 24/7/365. Further more, the company offers their clients  a guaranteed network up time of up to 99.9% throughout the day and the night thus clients web sites never go off line.

Data centres of Startlogic are fully monitored and equipped with security for 24 hrs a day and 7 days a week. Network infrastructure is solid and secure leads to fast loading of websites and makes them accessible instantly when any request occurs.

Prevention of threats and malware by advanced security scans results in high and top notch sites performance and increased reliability.

Hosting Plans

In web hosting, three plans are offered and all of them offers highly useful features related to E-Mail like Webmail, Spam Email Filtering, Forwarding Accounts & Auto Responder, Website statistics, Web Hosting Control Panel, Website Backup Software, Website builder inc. Gallery, Marketing & promotion tools, E-Commerce features, Marketing guides, Web stats, FTP/File Manager, Secure FTP, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee AND OTHERS.

VPS Hosting plans provides clients with several features such as Unlimited Domains, Unlimited Websites, OpenVZ Software, 30 days money back guarantee etc.

Features & Control Panel

  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Powerful Website Builder
  • Automated daily backups
  • 24*7 Support
  • Webmail, Spam Email Filtering
  • Forwarding Accounts & Auto Responder
  • Web Hosting Control Panel
  • Website Backup Software
  • File/FTP Manager

Startlogic Customer Support / Services

The company has  a customer care team that can be accessed all day and all night via telephone, live chat and e-mail. The technical support team is also very responsive when dealing with clients technical difficulties.

From Startlogic, a complete customer support for 24*7 is offered to clients. As support is required at any level and at any time, so considering the need of clients, customer service representatives are available for round the clock. They are qualified, experienced, talented and offering their services in a user friendly manner so as to deliver great level of satisfaction. With this, Knowledgebase and User Guides are offered for to assist clients in some other way.


  • Safe and secure tools offered
  • Competent and skilled staff
  • Reliable & Advanced Infrastructure
  • Personalized E-Mail account for free
  • Partnership with Google
  • Advanced Data centres
  • Money back guarantee
  • Websites performance enhanced
  • High rank on Search Engines


No Uptime guarantee offered

Cancellation Policy/ Refund Policy

Startlogic is quite confident for the services they offered and thus they happily offered a refund policy to their clients. This policy states that if clients are not satisfied with the services offered, they can ask for a refund in the first 30 days from the date of service issued, and a company without asked any question may refund the same on their request.

If a client register for a free domain name through company and client wants to keep the same, domain fee of $15 is non-refundable. A client is allowed to transfer the domain wherever he wants at free of cost.

Point to be noted here is that this refund policy is allowed to those who have made the payment through credit card only. It applies to web hosting plans and not to add on services inc. domains.


Startlogic, an excellent web hosting company, dedicated for small businesses, help them in developing their website and to grow online. Hosting services comprising of relevant features like 30 days money back guarantee, 24*7 support, easy to use website builder, e-mail features, e-commerce based , software and scripts with first class technology combines and makes this a great web hosting provider.

0 Replies to “Latest News And Web Hosting Review Startlogic”

  • Loyd says:

    I really appreciate the staff members of From the beginning only they were very supportive and helpful. They always provide the right direction and proper guidance in context with the setting up of the website and clarified all the queries whatever I have. The thing which I like most about the provider is that their advantages are excellent and their set up is quite easy. I would like to recommend the provider to everyone.

  • Ali says:

    The support they offer to their clients were excellent as sometimes website loads slower than usual but not to worry as I contacted their customer care and they solved my problem. There supporting staff are always available online 24X7 so they are very quick with solutions.

  • Emerson says:

    the phone staff of the company is very helpful and is very quick to provide you appropriate response. They also allow you lock in your account so that you can gain evidence to support your claim. They also count the e-mails, which they send you. With this they can also show you a screen shot of the online process.
    Overall, their web services are good when you are happy to use them.

  • Leighton says:

    In your web hosting package, if you have domains which are active and suppose you do not make use of the hosting and if the hosting expires and then the domains then there are chances that you will lose all. Company may close your account and change your DNS also because they were unable to separate a client account of the hosting. Next thing If you were not happy with their web hosting service then either you have to transfer everything or the next option is that you may have your domains down… this is possible until and unless they create a temporary account for you so that you can move your active domains.

  • Jaidyn says:

    When I buy the package of the provider, I paid to them for back-up restoration service also. After some days, there was a problem developed in my web page when the flash pictures were accidentally deleted. Now I need it to restore the problem pages, so I asked them for the same. They told me to wait for 5 days. I got this feature but never used it. So, I need their help. But in return, I got excuses, not results. They tell us that we are not technicians, so how we can fix the problem. Then I ask the contact info of the president of the company. No one knows who he/she is or how to reach him (her).They also told me they backup on regular basis, date was 3 Oct, when the last file was backup. Today is jan 24. And according to them, they call that good service?? Please beware of them.

  • Dominique says:

    I came to know about the web hosting provider startlogic on some advertisement on a web site. The advertisement was regarding one year plan in which company was offering a huge discount so I grab the opportunity after analyzing and go through their reviews that start logic was a better web host than my previous one. During the first few months, everything was going smoothly, but I started facing the problems as my blog`s traffic was increasing (around 2,000-3,000 visits per day). There are three major issues which I face with the company,
    first was their server`s uptime. Most of the time I saw a message on my website “web page could not be loaded” or there is some error in loading of page. Due to this critical issue, I not only lose potential visitors/earnings, but some of my pages also deindexed by Google.
    Second issue is with their customer and tech support. The company provide the facility and allow their clients to reach them through chat, e-mail or phone but they could not address or fix the problems that I encounter. However, their support answers were fast sometimes but most of the time, it`s I who resolved the problem instead of their technical support.
    Third issue arises in context with security. Actually I feel that my site load`s very slow and also experienced an SQL injection attack. I was wondering why. So, I checked the codes and found that the commands were injected. Their technical support could not help me out to get rid of this problem.
    After facing these issues various times, I have decided that it will be better for me to transfer to a better, worry free, hassle free web hosting. No doubt, they offer cheap hosting solution but if you did not get for what you pay, then it is totally worthless.

  • novice says:

    I am a novice, and had never created a website before this. So, no exp in this line. But I was surprised with the services of this provider; in fact it was amazingly easy to get a website up and running using their Drag and Drop Site Builder. They have contacted me one time by phone and ask if I needed any help, and their customer care representative was extremely helpful in answering the few questions I had. I also found that they were available all the time, but the good thing was that they do not bother me with too many calls or emails to promote their other products, like other companies do.

  • Kai says:

    I was a customer of startlogic from last 3 years. And during these 3 years, I didn`t see this kind of nasty and down support and service. Few days ago only I have decided that I will replace my old account with the new one and I face multiple problems regarding folders, databases transfers and domains.

  • Loyd Pagdalian says: is such a good provider that it offers you web hosting and customer support which your web hosting company required. It is mostly seen that the other web hosting providers who don’t develop a particular type of website were also unable to host the same. With this, it also offers 24 hrs customer supports.

  • Letizia Joseph says:

    I was a customer of this provider from around 5 years and suddenly I found that in my account all the files were deleted and my account was pendant by them because I don’t follow the point 12 given in their terms and conditions.

    Around 3 years ago, I signed up for an account named as prologic with a limit of 10 GB. When two years passed away, space capacity was increased to 300 GB limit. In these two years, this plan offers “unlimited” space capacity. Few months ago, due to using of disk so much they have suspended my account and I was having only 48 GB out of 300 GB space limit. From last 7 weeks they were not able to reply me correctly the reason of deletion of my website which contain 1000’s of photos, they only mention one thing “thousands of other web sites may get affected by each website as every site has the capability to affect others in a shared hosing environment.

    My account was terminated by me without any notice and now I am in such condition that I cannot update my support ticket.

    For low traffic they offer good value, but the question arises here if users are not allowed to use it then why they offer “50 GB OR 300 GB of storage” and sometimes “unlimited” storage?

    I would like to recommend that all the users who will going to use the web hosting service in future are required to read the terms and conditions of the company very carefully.

    If you people are interested then I think we should continue this discussion through email.

  • Letizia LA says:

    To host large no. of websites, I was using the services of over the past few years. They provide proper back end and their support is readily available for 24 hrs and their staff is also very knowledgeable and helpful as you need any kind of assistance ranging from the technical problems to Word press, they were available for you.

  • Mancuso Letizia says:

    Due to some good features and facilities such as good prices, easy usage of Drag and Drop Site Builder and their instant response to the problems, whenever they occurs, is just fine. I think its average and the reason behind this because I face several issues in the context of Mac which was used by me. If it is consider by the designers then I have a question. Some up gradations were done recently by me to Weebly by which I have to do editing also which frustrate me a lot. But the same problem is there even I have tried to use different web browsers.

  • Joseph Kolarova says:

    In the terms of web hosting and affordable prices, this company just rocks.

    For the users who don’t have IT background, for them VDeck is just a simple way, with this support and the F&A are also not in the form as they must be.

    To gain more relevant and primal experience they required, there must be some changes in the VDeck as everyone who purchased a web hosting is not an IT User.

    With all this it offers good prices and the excellent level of customer as well as tech support and with this I don’t face any issues with the uptime also.

  • Simona says:

    I was connected with this company from last four years; in the beginning I found everything was ok. I got good level of customer as well as technical support to keep all the things up and properly running. After getting great support, second domain was added by me and then I add the third one but the last one means third one cannot be live and due to that a viewer moved to the second website by URL. If the second account deleted then only the third domain could live. And due to this, for four years my website and on all the e-mail addresses associated with it are deleted rapidly. The reason mention by them: amount not paid. Warning sent on e-mail address which was not valid for more than three years. From last three days I was trying for my domains in order to get back to me as I want to transfer them and regarding this I called them around three- four times and they revert yes but unfortunately they have done nothing. It was very frustrating. I was having a back up of everything but I don’t have the domains return control with me. When I called them fifth time then my domains are completely parked, but after this also EPP code was not given for the new web host. Please avoid this provider.

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  • Current & accurate reviews are based on data and supported by real user experiences.
  • The goal is to deliver the most accurate information possible based on the needs of the majority of website owners and developers, and Ananova reports deliver the most reliable indicators of web host performance.
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