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Best And Cheapest Shared Hosting Providers

Shared hosting Providers

For whom Shared hosting is most suitable:

As server space utilized by a number of users. Hence it brings down the cost and even college-going student can afford it. Almost with almost similar benefits as server hosting but far more economical.

About Shared hosting

There is no rocket science involved in this and in lay man’s terms when you share your hosting services with other webmasters on same Shared Server, it is called Shared Hosting i.e. One server hosts hundreds or even thousands of websites.

The websites of other clients also hosted on the same server that you choose to host sites. All accounts must share the available resources with the other accounts on the server. These include CPU time, memory, and disk space.


You can learn about it on your own as it is a user-friendly Interface/ service. Like the control panel (c-Panel) needs no special talent to operate. You can do it by yourself and even administer the hosting service all by your own. Many a time small business entrepreneurs do not feel like hiring the services of another administrator.

Shared hosting decreases the cost by authorizing several sites on the same server. The huge cost of running a server distributes between each site’s, small to medium-sized companies. It won’t be inappropriate to say that cheap hosting is nothing but a shared hosting only.

Why Cheap?

When one web server utilized for multiple websites hosting it becomes reasonable for everyone. Approximately the cost of Good Shared hosting services may range in between $3 to around $25 per month only. So in shared hosting user gets one of the best deals at inexpensive rates. Against the popular belief that shared hosting has limited features. In shared hosting services it is very important to select the proficient host. And, has a track record of maintaining more than 99% uptime.

In short Shared Hosting can be of great help for people who work in a limited manner. Dedicated servers are not only expensive but also difficult to manage on your own. Rest assured you can certainly rely on this kind of an affordable hosting service without much a difficulty.

To sum it up Shared Hosting is beneficial because of its low-cost. Ease of administration (for an average user) As there are fewer options so less of difficulty. Hosting provider decides general server configuration. Server maintained by the hosting provider. Most hosting providers offer 1-click script / CMS installation.

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