Automattic offers the world’s most popular website builder ‘WordPress‘ on a managed-hosting platform. Almost 42% of websites are built on WordPress, including Blogs and Websites. Everybody uses the WordPress platform, from individuals to small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. The company offers Domains, eCommerce, Self-hosted solutions, WordPress for Teams, Multiple Site Hosting, Themes, Plugins, Google Apps, Website Builder, and Expert Tips. A user can create any website without having coding knowledge, without any manual or limit, using pro layout professionally designed themes. A website looks great with tools like Photo carousels, tiled image galleries, maps, and forms. With block insert text, photos, forms, Yelp reviews, testimonials, maps, and more. The plugins provide infinite combinations and possibilities.

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Create forms, collect leads, subscriptions, and a lot more.
WooCommerce turns the site into a store, to showcase products and services that accept one-time or recurring payments.
The built-in marketing tools like SEO tools, Mailchimp, Google Analytics integrations, and more are used to find an audience, market more intelligent, and put the website front and centre.


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    Ananova considers WordPress Hosting at Automattic the best web hosting service for WordPress in 2023. WordPress CMS powers almost 43% of websites, which includes individual and business websites. In the present digital era, Ananova considers Automattic a reliable, secure and robust hosting provider. The rich-featured hosting enables top-notch website performance.
    The above link reveals invaluable insights, analysis and expert recommendations that assist in making informed decisions. The selection of the best hosting provider is essential for a smooth, secure and successful online presence. Ananova recommends a Business or E-commerce WordPress plan to meet unique website needs. The Automattic offers hassle-free hosting with automatic updates and timely and accurate expert customer support related to WordPress-related queries. The performance-optimized hosting ensures faster load times. Customers are free from security concerns as the hosting provider takes necessary measures to protect the websites from potential hackers, threats, malware and viruses. The staging environment makes the website testing easier before launch. The provider Vault Services offers regular backups to safeguard website data. A free SSL certificate crucial for website security is provided automatically. Automattic provides the most economical & affordable WordPress Hosting plans.

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