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Q&A: Is Green Web Hosting A Scam?

Is Green Web Hosting A Scam

Q: Do ‘Green' hosting companies really matter? I mean, will I really be saving the planet if I choose a green company over the rest, or is this some kind of gimmick?

A: As a living member of this world, it's a great idea that we all try and do our part to preserve the planet. But, you're right – we've all been duped when it comes to most things green. I mean, are we really saving the planet when we have to pay an extra $.10 at the grocery store for a bag, or are we just padding grocer's pockets?

As far as green hosting sites go, though, these sites really do strive to make things more environmentally-friendly. These companies use alternative and renewable energy, plant trees (yep, that's right), and some even use solar energy inside of office buildings. But, be careful. Some companies are just jumping on the green bandwagon. How can you tell the difference?

Is Green Web Hosting A Scam

My first bit of advice is to read through our unbiased reviews. We'll tell you if a company is just pretending to be green. My second bit of advice is to look for rewards. Truly green companies are still novelty, so these companies are often rewarded for green efforts. When in doubt, you can also ask what a company does to remain green.

If a company rep can't answer this question, it's probably time to find a truly green hosting company instead. I hope that answers your question! If anyone has anything to add to this answer, feel free to include your thoughts below.

For unrestricted 24.7.365 functioning servers require sustained power, and if most of this power is coming from the renewable energy, it is green web hosting or eco-friendly hosting.


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