Latest News And Web Hosting Review PsychzKey Selling Points

  • Specializes in dedicated hosting, colocation, and DDoS mitigation
  • Operates its infrastructures, networks, and in-house staff
  • Data Center: Los Angeles, Dallas, Texas, California and Ashburn
  • Best colocation service providers in the United States

Establishment: 2001

Services Offered: web hosting, dedicated servers, colocation, and DDoS mitigation services

Data Center Location: Los Angeles, Dallas, Ashburn, London, Netherlands and Amsterdam

Target Customers: Asia, the United States, and Europe

What for Customers?

Affordable pricing, quality network, and support.

Latest News

  • (LOS ANGELES, CA, ACCESSWIRE, December 8, 2016) Psychz Networks Launches New Feature Called ‘Asia Pacific Low Latency Routes.'This would allow fast content delivery and low latency when connecting to Los Angeles or Dallas from Asia.

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