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Places Where Facebook Is Banned (and Other Bits)

Places Where Facebook Is Banned

Since it's Friday, here's a bit of reading fun for you. Below, you'll find a list of countries where Facebook is banned – imagine that?

Places Where Facebook Is Illegal

What about web hosting? Are there any countries where web hosting is currently illegal? Not to my knowledge, but there might be some reasons to host your site in one country over another. Canada, for example, has some advantages over the U.S. when it comes to selecting a web hosting company location.

Reasons to Host In Canada

The number one reason why you may want to select a Canadian web hosting company over a U.S. web hosting company is (drum roll!): privacy! In Canada, there's no such thing as the NSA. That means that your files will be kept private all day long – but there's a catch.

If your company is based in the USA, Uncle Sam and his NSA counterparts still have the right to take a peek at what you're doing online. So, Canadian business owners and business owners elsewhere, you may want to look at some of the North's finest cheap adult web hosting sites – and it just so happens that if you click on that link, you'll find a list of Canada's best adult hosting sites!

Places Where Facebook Is Banned: Some Other Interesting Bits

Facebook is banned in some countries, Twitter is banned in others, and many countries aren't exactly stable when it comes to web hosting companies. For example, some web hosting companies based outside of North America are subject to continuous raids by government forces – yikes!

What about sites that are banned in various countries? There's a whole list of countries where random websites are banned – including the New York Times and other media outlets! What's the point of all this? Well, two things, really. The first is to make it painfully clear just how lucky we all are that we're living in countries (presumably) where web hosting, Facebook, Twitter, and any other site are open and accessible.

The second thing is to point out that choosing a web hosting company isn't just about selecting the best cheap hosting plan. It is, instead, about carefully selecting where your hosting provider is located – imagine choose a host in one of those countries listed above?

If such sites as Facebook are banned, what might happen to a site set up with a host that a government isn't fond of? That's right, your site will be taken down quickly!

Things to Remember About Hosting

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