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PHP script hosting

PHP script hosting is an important website language because of its ease and universal use. PHP makes web development easier. Apart from web development, it is widely used as a general purpose programming language. PHP is installed on around 2.1 million web servers and around 244 million websites and this figure is continuously growing!

Different Use of PHP hosting Script

PHP script is mainly designed for server side scripting, but it is used for many other purposes as well. There are three ways that PHP scripting is used to design and develop any application or website:

1. Server Side Scripting: To use server side scripting, you need three main things: prepare PHP parser (CGI or server module), a web server, and a web browser to run your PHP script.

2. Command Line Scripting: Through command line scripting, you can run a PHP program on a PHP parser without any web server or web browser. This type of script is used for regularly executed programs (Cron or task scheduler).

3.Desktop Application: This can be considered an additional feature of PHP script hosting because PHP is not generally used as a desktop application. If you are expert in PHP then you can use PHP-GKT for developing client side applications.

Best PHP Web Hosting Company

Since PHP script hosting is famous for server side scripting, there are several companies that offer PHP hosting. However, we have found that Arvixe Web Hosting provides the best option due to a plethora of features and support.

Arvixe web hosting offers different PHP Script software in the follow categories:

Pros and cons of PHP Script Hosting

There are several Pros and Cons of PHP Script Hosting and some of them are as follows:



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