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Next Generation eCommerce Software Arastta

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Why E-Commerce?

E-commerce business is flourishing industry, and most of the people are selecting the trade technique. There are lots of grounds and software usage that is making it a preferred choice.

About Arastta

Arastta is one of the available software specifically designed to fulfill needs of the e-commerce industry. It is open source software available free on various platforms, making it a preferred choice over other software available nowadays.
For hosting e-commerce websites, it is proved to be a boon with lots of features available.

Features of Arastta software

  • It consists of an assortment of attributes and makes run an e-commerce website with a lot of ease.
  • Boost Website Speed: website runs at a rapid speed.
  • Style and Easy workability
  • Multi-language support
  • Mail and communiqué feature to communicate and promote business at no cost and with ease.
  • Advanced statistics
  • Facebook store compatibility – easy to connect via Facebook
  • Mode System – both starter and expert modes available.

Arastta with so many qualities and free of cost is a must have specifically for an e-commerce business.

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