Web Hosting China

Web Hosting China Market

  • Highly competitive with high consumer expectations
  • Optimal solution includes flexibility, scalability, and security
  • Chinese Language Specific
  • For deploying the site, ICP (Internet Content Provider) license from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) required. If the business not eligible for ICP, then deploy a website or CDN node in Hong Kong.
  • International bandwidth limitation and high latency: Website uploads slowly if hosted at distant locations such as Europe and North America
  • Local Hosting Preferred: Minimize latency and load time. It improves search engine visibility in China.
  • China-based CDN: cache website on a distributed network of nodes.

In the Internet Era, China is in the throes of biggest crackdown on ‘Freedom of Expression and Media.'

VPN Crackdown

The government of China has the tight grip over the media. China Regulators blocks websites like Facebook and Google and Chinese firms and individuals use VPN (Virtual Private Network) to view banned websites, the technology operates in a legal gray area. Foreign companies rely on VPN's to get through universal apps such as Google Docs that its employees use in other countries.

China’s clampdown on the use of virtual private networks to circumvent the country’s internet controls risks. China's communication carriers block individuals’ access to VPNs services that skirt censorship restrictions by routing web traffic abroad. It would disrupt the businesses dependent on it for cloud services and data security.

The business who have services on the cloud, use VPN to ensure speed, efficiency and ensures data security across the networks would end up hurting their operations.

Protects Privacy and Intellectual Property

The country's obsession with control extends to the data of its population. Its regulations required information to be stored domestically and made available upon request. It makes cloud computing processing with remote datacenters unfeasible.

No. of Expected Potential Customers: 1.3 billion