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Create a websiteThink building a website is complicated? Then you might benefit from Go Daddy's ‘Cup of Coffee' campaign, just launched in India, to demonstrate to small business owners how simple building a website to grow your business truly is. Their slogan: ‘Get a web presence / create a website in the time you finish a cup of coffee.'

Their goal: change people's perception that acquiring cheap hosting with domain and building a website is complicated and show them that it can be done affordably. Go Daddy plans to run this campaign in three cities – New Delhi, Hyderabad, and Mumbai – for a month.

Go Daddy Create A Website: Expanding Operations In India

Of course, the secondary goal is probably to demonstrate the ease of building a website. The primary goal: expand their cheap hosting and domain operations in the country. They began working with small businesses back in January of 2009, offering those in the country .in domain (the country code domain for India.)

Go Daddy has decided India is the market to focus on for global expansion, and as such launched full-scale operations in June of 2012. In fact, its biggest international office that houses a customer care center is located in India. Since then, their Indian customer base has shot up 100 percent.

Go Daddy Create A Website: The Campaign

Go Daddy plans to set up a ‘mobile experience zone' at numerous small business clusters in each area where the campaign will be held during the entire month. What exactly will take place at these mobile experience zones? Small business owners and entrepreneurs will be able to see for themselves the entire experience of registering a domain name, building the website, obtaining an email address, and putting Google AdWords to work in order to promote the site.

Go Daddy will also implement radio and outdoor advertising in these areas as well.

This is the first time a campaign of this type has ever been implemented. The focus is not only how easy the process is from start to finish, but also how affordable it is. Small business owners obtain their .com address, website, 1GB email address, and Rs 2,500 Google AdWords credit for Rs 580 (10.44 USD).

In some areas of the three cities the campaign will be taking place, Go Daddy employees will bring the cheap hosting and domain experience door-to-door for those small businessmen who just can't get out of the office.

Go Daddy Create A Website: Focus On Local Customer Care

Another important factor Go Daddy will be highlighting: the fact there is a group of local customer support agents who all speak their language. Since they opened their Indian customer care center, the call volume has gone up 400 percent. Most of the calls: small business owners looking to establish a presence on the Internet.

“If we look at the statistics, there are nearly 150 million Internet users and fewer than four million domain names in India. Additionally, with more than 30 million small and medium businesses in India, there are only half a million websites in the country,” Go Daddy India vice president and managing director Rajiv Sodhi recently told press.

Sodhi goes on to name India as “a largely do-it-for-me market,” meaning these businessmen don't want to be bothered with any part of building the website due to lack of time or skill. He assures that Go Daddy can help any Indian small business set up a web presence / create a website, no matter what level of skill they have, and their campaign will demonstrate the speed in which the entire process is completed.

How effective do you feel this campaign create a website will be for Go Daddy in India? Would this campaign be successful in other markets? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

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