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mediafire-logoHosting company MediaFire has decided to take aim at Dropbox. MediaFire is now offering an OS X and Windows application that lets users upload files to the MediaFire cloud and share those collaborators – so, it's basically Dropbox. What's different? Why is MediaFire better or worse?

MediaFire V/S Dropbox

The best way to break this comparison down is to go point by point.

Synching Features: same as Dropbox

File Sharing: 50 GB of free cloud storage – yikes, Dropbox, that's hard to compete with!

In comparison, Dropbox offers the same synching options, but this cloud favorite only comes with 2GB of free space – 16 if you refer out to friends and get other bonus space.

MediaFire Extras

For a company to really compete with the likes of Dropbox, though, that company has to offer more than Dropbox – a lot more.

With a MediaFire account comes the following features:

  • Social Sharing: share simply from your desktop on all your favourite social media networks.
  • Activity Tracking: keep your activity feed under a close watch with automatic activity tracking updates.
  • File Synching: automatic file synching options.
  • File Organizing: you can organize and keep track of your files all at once – doesn't that sound nice?
  • File Support: MediaFire can support more than 200 different file types. That's a lot of support, and it's one way to win over Dropbox users.

What About Security?

Dropbox has had some security issues in the past, so how does MediaFire stack up? The company claims that MediaFire's cloud options are more secure than most, and it also looks like MediaFire plans to back up that claim with some pretty decent cloud options.

So the question is: is it all over for Dropbox? MediaFire is, after all, the only other cloud storage and sharing solution looking for a bit of Dropbox's space. There's another (lesser known) company out of China called ‘Tencent' that's aiming to snag a piece of that cloud sharing pie.

It Was Only A Matter Of Time…

…before another company came in and grabbed some of Dropbox's thunder. Still, Dropbox has a solid social and marketing plan – one that's simple, but still has a good amount of impact. It will be tough for any company (no matter how much free space is given or offered) to compete with what Dropbox has.

If you are looking for a Dropbox alternative, though, MediaFire may be the way to go. This company has all of its ducks in a row, has a newly revamped website, is surprisingly simple to use and set up, and might be the new Dropbox. Or, Dropbox might still reign supreme for just a little while longer. What do you think? Would you make the switch to MediaFire, or are you a loyal Dropbox fan? Let us know below!

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