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Latest News And Web Hosting Review LogicBoxes

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Elite Reseller Program

Type: Technology & Consultancy Company

Key Selling Points:

  • Latest News And Web Hosting Review LogicBoxesleading provider of web presence automation solutions for Web Hosts, Domain Resellers and ICANN Registrars
  • premium services and robust platform
  • world’s premiere ICANN Accreditation Consultancy provider
  • Its Reseller Program is a holistic solution for Web Hosts

Services Offered: Business Solutions

Target Customers: Web Hosts, Domain Resellers, ICANN Registrars and Registries

What for Customers?

  • Empowers customers with best-of-the-breed Technology, Red Carpet Services & Support and Business Intelligence
  • Robust domains automation platform at a competitive price point


  • Its renowned turnkey SaaS solution – OrderBox, provides end-to-end business automation to 100+ Registrars and 100,000+ Resellers and powers over 13 Million domains across the world.

Other Products Offered:

Focused themes, templates, plugins to Online Marketing tools as well as Cloud products; and other hosted applications including CRMs, BI tools, Payroll software

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