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Informative Joomla Hosting

In order to understand Joomla hosting, you need what exactly is Joomla. In simple words, Joomla is an open source content management system that helps you to create brilliant websites with potent online applications. Now, what is a content management system or a CMS as it is better known as?

Well, in short, a CMS is a way to organise, manage and publish content on your website. One important thing which has to be added to this is that for managing CMS you don’t need to be a technical guru. It can be handled without any technical know-how.

Websites Using Joomla Hosting

Coming back to Joomla hosting once again you may ask as to what kind of websites can run on this application? The answer is many like government applications, small business sites; e-commerce sites, online magazines; NGO websites, church websites, corporate websites and their intranets as well as extranets can e designed on this platform.

A few from the many are like Outdoor Photographer (Magazine), MTV Networks Quizilla (Social networking), The Green Maven (Eco-resources), Harvard University (Educational), (Cultural) and Senso Interiors (Furniture design).

It is quite interesting to know that even web developers prefer using Joomla hosting over any other hosting service if they have a choice to make. Although initially, they were very skeptical about using Joomla as support was a major worry. However these days Joomla has become one of the most widely used hosting open source hosting applications. For this, the community has grown and nowadays has a large group of contributors as well as developers to provide complete support to its users. Hence in a way, it can be stated that they have a long way of working on their own limitations. This is a significant reason why Joomla hosting has developed and gripped over the world.

Latest Version: 3.8.2

Customers: High demand in Europe

Downloads: 80+ million

Target Customers: Small to Large Businesses

Joomla Hosting Conclusion:

At this instant, you may ask that is there any benefit of using Joomla as a host? The riposte is yes, there are many and not a few to count on. Being an open source application, it offers a lot of features which are easily downloadable and are actually free! This makes it cost effective for any business house, big or small and also for individuals. Joomla has a great layout and certainly is more secured in comparison to the rest of open source applications. This takes the burden off your chest had you been worried about security issues.

Again it is a user-friendly application for which the learning curve of any user is less. This means you will not have to spend too many hours into learning about the tools of Joomla. It has been observed that Joomla has 2100 extensions which are why hosting on this platform becomes total fun and those who see it also can navigate easily through the pages of a website for this. This is why it can support any kind of multimedia file and is Joomla is very friendly with MySQL too. All this make Joomla hosting one of the best in the business without a doubt.

An open source CMS framework in the IT industry use by many businesses, news, e-commerce and educational websites.

New York-based Non-profit company, Open Source Matters Inc., is behind the Joomla! CMS and is a market leader in the modern digital content publishing industry.

It brings modern, user-friendly digital platforms for content authoring and publication on the web and in digital media.
With over 76 million downloads, Joomla is a market leader in the modern digital content publishing industry.

If we say Joomla is world's second favorite content management system, then everybody will start thinking “Which is first? That is obvious”.

WordPress leads Open Source CMS, with more than 140 million downloads.

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