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Company Overview

HQHost is in market since last 12 Years, and in this duration, it has grown itself a lot. After facing many challenges it acquires the good decision making power and thereby gain a huge yrs. of exp. Year to year, company has continuously improved its complicated web hosting infrastructure and makes it a simple one and maintain the same so as to increase the speed and optimize the redundancy.

They laid their emphasis on practices by which quality web hosting services can be offered and each client needs can be fulfilled. Mostly financial companies, game server companies and VOIP companies are their customers.

Reliability & Performance/ Uptime Report

To ensure the maximum uptime to the clients, basic core of the network was built on the two redundant Cisco routers 7600. Qualitative network providers are chosen in such manner that they ensure the loading of websites fast. Servers are monitored for 24*7*365 to reduce any downtime, if it occurs.

To ensure security & reliability, DDoS attacks are also taken care of. Any unauthorized user cannot enter into a Data center due to high level of access control and security. Backup of data is configured and deployed on client’s request.

Hosting Plans

Grace Period for 10 Days is offered in all the above hosting packages.

Colocation Hosting offers clients with IP Address, No Setup fees and others.

Features & Control Panel


In terms of rendering Support, company has offered their online technical support for 24/7/365. As technical issues are not easy to resolve and every client required some assistance so it is offered continuously. Response time is also less. For alerts, guaranteed response time is for 5-15 min. If there are any emergency tickets, surely response will be given in just 5 min. if any standard request is made,30 min. response time is offered and a guarantee is given for the same.



Control Panel is not offered in any of the web hosting plan.

Cancellation/ Refund Policy

A refund policy indicating 30 Days Money Back Guarantee is applicable on Shared web hosting, SSD VPS hosting and Dedicated Hosting. Company assures their clients by giving a guarantee of full refund if they request for the same within 30 days from the first day of the service being issued to them. If customers are not fully satisfied with the services, they can request for refund and without asking any of the question, company may simply refund their complete amount.


HQHost, having years of exp., offers Shared hosting, VPS, Dedicated Servers to clients with the objective of providing them quality web hosting services at reasonable prices.

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