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Latest News And Web Hosting Review HostiServer

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Hosting Review HostiServer

Company Overview

Latest News And Web Hosting Review HostiServerHostisever.com is a web hosting services provider that is located in the US, the company also has datacenters in the Netherlands. Some of the hosting services the company offers are Virtual Private Server hosting, Dedicated Server hosting services and remote back up services. This company was founded back in the year 2012 and has steadily grown over the past few years. They handle their hosting operations from 2 data centers; one in Phoenix, in the US and another in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Performance, Reliability and Uptime Report

The company has data centers in Amsterdam in the Netherlands and in Phoenix in the US. They operate from fully equipped state of the art data centers. Hostisever.com uses RAID-6 hard disks, which ensures the performance, and speed of their hosting services is excellent. The company furthermore offers free technical support to clients, which enhances the reliability of their services. The company uses powerful Intel Xeon processors to ensure reliable hosting services.

Hosting Plans

Dedicated server hosting services from the company operates on 7 plans. These are: Single Processor E3 2xSATA3 Hard Drives, the Single Processor E3 4x SSD / SATA3 HDD, Single Processor E3 4x SSD, Dual Processor E5 6xSSD, Dual Processor E5 6xSSD(up to 24), the Storage Dual Processor E5 6x6TB(up to 12) plan and the Storage Dual Processor E5 6x6TB(up to 36) plan. The Netherlands data center operates 2 dedicated server plans: Single Processor 2xSATA3 Hard Drives and the Single Processor E3 4xSSD plan.

When it comes to VPS hosting, the company operates 5 plans: SSD-15 plan, the SSD-20 plan, SSD-30 plan, SSD-45 plan and the SSD-70 plan.

Features and Control Panel

The hosting services from this company come with a variety of features. Some of these features include remote back up, free technical support, RAID-6 disks, unlimited bandwidth, network channels GIG-E, MySQL databases, SQL server, FTP accounts, SSH, RSYNC-compression and SSH-encrypted data, Perl, Python, PHP 5 and Virtual Hard Disk among many other features. Their hosting services furthermore support a variety of payment options from PayPal, eCoin, wire transfer, ePayService and Webmoney among others. Other features are 100% network uptime, Xen visualization technology, 24/7 customer support along with many others.

Their hosting services use the industry renowned cPanel control panel.


  • The company’s hosting offers clients up to 100% network uptime.
  • Clients at the company furthermore get free technical support.
  • The company offers clients 24/7 customer support


  • There are currently no discount coupons available to clients from this hosting company.
  • The company does not offer clients a money back guarantee.


Hostisever.com hosting company has a customer care team that can be reached 24/7. The support team from the company is available via e-mail, phone and live chat to cater to clients hosting needs. This company furthermore offers their clients free technical support that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Clients can also get further support from the company via the company’s ticketing system.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

The company does not offer their clients a money back guarantee which is very disadvantageous.


The hosting services from hostiserver.com are quite reliable and perform very well. On top of that, the support team from the company is available throughout to cater to clients hosting needs. In general, the company offers reliability, stability and good performance, making it a good web hosting services provider.

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  • Erwin B. says:

    I use SSD-45 plan for 7 months already. First time I visit hostiserver, their prices make me hesitate for a while. But the friend of mine told their support is high above average, and finally I made my order. That was the only doubt for all this time I host my webistes with them. Now, looking through all the tickets created – I`m dead confident Hostiserver support rules. Hardly you can find such outgoing and qualified team. Being managed by these guys is my best hosting experience ever!

  • Ed says:

    Thanks so much for being on top of things and I appreciate your excellent customer service. It`s delightful working with you.

  • Liad says:

    These guys not just talk the talk, they actually walk the walk. I’m incredibly impressed by how fast those Hostiserver dudes actually handle support tickets. Thank you so much for being so responsive!

  • Shannon says:

    My sites have been hosted by Hostiserver for quite a long time, and I am very happy with the way everything has been working so far.

  • Milton says:

    I really hate it when service providers start to spam me with stuff that I just don’t need. Unlike most hosting companies, Hostiserver offers me only those things that will really help me to increase efficiency or to cut costs. And I love the way they treat me as a customer.

  • Aaron says:

    All my projects are hosted by Hostiserver, because I haven’t found a hosting company yet that would have any kind of advantage over them. I just hope that the guys will keep the high level of service they’ve set.

  • Peter says:

    We chose Hostiserver’s SSD VPS (SSD-70 plan) as a new server for our project previuosly hosted by another hosting company. Hostiserver was recommended by our partners, so we asked the guys if they could help us with setting up a new server and transferring all our data to it. The support team was extremely helpful and friendly — they quickly migrated all the data from the old server to a new one, customized configuration as per our requirements and launched the server. We are happy to say that we haven’t encountered any significant problem so far and hope that we won’t face it in the future.

  • Nicky says:

    We use Hostiserver’s dedicated server to host our online store. That’s why it’s highly important that our server is always available, otherwise it severely affects our business. We’re extremely happy that Hostiserver can provide and provides us with that!

  • Sam says:

    I really hate when service providers start to spam me with stuff that I just don’t need. Unlike most hosting companies, Hostiserver offers me only those things that will really help me to increase efficiency or to cut costs. And I love that individual approach to the customers.

  • MrBen says:

    A little bit uncomfortable clients panel, but it’s nothing compared to their service level. Many thanks to support team – you guys are geeks! Especially David for his patience and skilled help in numerous tickets I’ve created!! Please, don`t change, your services are awesome!

  • Peter Jansen says:

    What a good decision I took to change hosting provider. Tech support is amazing and so kind to me!! And my websites run so fast I could only imagine earlier. No downtime for the last 5 months I am with Hostiserver. Please stay the same, I much appreciate it!

  • Paul says:

    Looking for the hosting provider, you always take into account your budget and Hostiserver prices are not the chepest one at the market.
    But as for my previous experience, skilled support + good hardware can`t be as that cheap. Here I see what I pay for and I`m satisfied.

  • BBr says:

    They made me custom configuration i need for my tubes and deployd server very fast. Tech support is very friendly and professional

  • Tema says:

    I have 2 ssd vps here for different projects – first in US and second one in Netherlands. Support team helped me to configure them for free and now all work perfect!

  • RossDrew says:

    I`m currently using one of there VDS packages for 30 per month and so far so good, never had a problem so far.

    I recommend this company to everybody

  • Tatarin says:

    I cancelled my service here because of my project, but when I`ll need a VPS or dedicated i know where i can get the best one

  • Alex Petrov says:

    Fully satisfied of hosting quality.

    Premium support !

  • Mary Ellis says:

    I have all of my sites hosted with hostiserver on a very good E3 server.

    Hostiserver is one of the best providers which I used with best support!

  • El Patron says:

    Awesome support team, first of all. They respond to each and every ticket very fast. That is what you need from a host.

    I truly recommend Hostiserver to anyone looking for VPS or dedicated server.

  • LemuelManisan says:


    This guys are legit. I`ve been using there E5 server and man it is so fast and they also help me out with setting up my emails with no extra cost.

    I will recommend this company to anybody.

  • Micheal says:

    Fast service!! a happy customer here!

  • Victor says:

    Fast support feedback, no downtimes with my site in year of using it, friendly staff and a fair price. BTW, they can always do a little discount if you ask. Love them

  • Alex says:

    HostiServer dedicated web hosting solutions offers you a premium for every dollar spent. With numerous services at affordable rates, you have a list of pans to choose from depending on the nature and complexity of your website and services offered. Doing the entire search alone can be devastating but with a friendly team of experts, HostiServer will guide you all the way and help you make the best order. Their numerous operating systems provide unrivaled performance and with an active support team, you won?t experience any major glitch whatsoever. Securing a one year or two year server plan helps you save up to 15% of the amount spent on monthly plans. Dedicated web hosting services through HostiServer includes free IPV6 connection for all their servers and backup support services in case your database is damaged or destroyed. Placing an order is effortless and once you specify the type of server you need and any upgrades, it takes just 4-5 hours and your site will be up and running.

  • Jason Gabriel says:

    High quality server with amazing speeds.
    Best support team!!

  • Bella says:

    Amazing experience, the best support and services! Thank you Hostiserver.com

  • Johny says:

    It took me a while finding a reliable and dependable web hosting company. I always found my-self being fooled by unqualified individuals posing to offer incredible services. Luckily, I was able to get your services and since then thing have been smooth. Hostiserver offered me the best price range that fell within my budget. I run a fashion and news blog site and for more than 6 months now, I have enjoyed quality hosting services. But I always wonder why sometimes your live chat support team goes offline? I had a problem in the recent past only to realize your staff was offline. It happened just once though . Nevertheless, I got help within an hour time and I still use your hosting services. If there is an area you need to improve, it could your customer service, live chat precisely. It really needs some immediate thorough advancement. All the rest is clear and smooth and I enjoy your services.

  • John says:

    This is my third hosting company and as far as i can say these guys are awesome. The price is normal, the service is great. Also, my two friends host their projects here and they are pretty satisfied

  • Sebastian says:

    I`m using this hosting for about 3 years and can say that this is a very professional company and i never worry about my sites safety

  • Kerry says:

    The website of Hostiserver is good for online business with good facility. I am also able to get better information and have also other features for customers.

  • Dirk says:

    Hostiserver customer support and services have been excellent. They were willing to do whatever was needed to solve issues. We would highly recommend them to other businesses in the network. Their patience in helping us was impressive

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