Introduction of YahooHosting

YahooHostingYahoo web hosting are probably the biggest brand in the hosting world (Only because Google is not involved in web hosting)and this is a big attraction to hosting newcomers as they have a well known name, but this doesn't always mean you will get the best service or the best value for money. Yahoo are better known for their search engine technology and email accounts but they also offer small business web hosting solutions too.

Type Of Hosting Supported

  • Windows Hosting
  • Linux Hosting

YahooHosting Online Support

  • Live Support
  • Trouble Ticket
  • Email Support
  • Phone Support

Yahoo! Web Hosting Plans

Plans Basic
Price $3.74 /month
Bandwidth 1000GB /month
Disk-space 100 GB
Email Addresses 250
Domains 1
Sub-domains 100
Site Pages 10
FTP Accounts
Free Software's Online Design tool |
Yahoo site builder |
Customizable site designs
PHP Version PHP 5.3.6
MYSQL Version MYSQL 5.1
Site Stats Free

Company Introduction

Yahoo was founded back in 1994 by Jerry Yang and David Filo. The headquarters of Yahoo are located in Sunny Vale; California in the U.S. Yahoo offers a variety of services and products, among them being website hosting. Some of the services offered by Yahoo hosting are: Word Press blogging, e-commerce hosting and web hosting.


Yahoo hosting has been in the industry for quite some time now and has been able to compete with other web hosts in the industry due to their good reputation. Yahoo hosting has a reputation in the industry for helping users quickly build a basic website.


Yahoo small business hosting offers their clients great features such as: a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, a free domain along with 24 hours of phone and e-mail customer support.

This web host operates three hosting plans that clients can choose from: the basic hosting plan, the advanced hosting plan and the premier hosting plan. The Yahoo basic hosting plan is the perfect solution for personal and small websites and costs just $ 3.75 per month. It comes with a variety of hosting features such as: 250 e-mail addresses, $100 ad coupon, 10 site pages, a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, a free domain along with 100 sub-domains, yahoo site design tools, and 1000GB bandwidth per month along with monthly disk space of up to 100GB.

The yahoo advanced plan is best suited for running business websites goes for only $5.99 per month. Some of the hosting features that this hosting plan comes with are: unlimited e-mail addresses, a free domain, $100 yahoo ad credits, unlimited site pages, up to 500GB of disk space each month, Shared SSL certificates with 256k (bank-level) encryption, Word press blogging, 5000GB of monthly bandwidth, programming languages such as Perl and PHP along with many other features.

The premier plan is the best hosting plan for you if your website gets heavy traffic and will cots you just $8.99 per month. Some of the features that come with this hosting plan are: a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, 24/7 e-mail and phone support, 1 domain and 500 sub-domains, Word press blogging, Shared SSL certificates with 256k (bank-level) encryption, private registration, virtually unlimited databases, site search capability, Account access for colleagues and friends, secure FTP, file manager, unlimited disk space, password protected directories and unlimited data transfer along with many other great features.


Yahoo hosting runs on the Unix Operating System and uses Apache servers which ensures that they offer their clients good quality hosting services. The performance of the hosting offered by Yahoo hosting is therefore quite good.


Clients who host with Yahoo hosting enjoy a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, which has been put in place to ensure that if unsatisfied with services offered within 30 days, clients can withdraw. The Shared SSL certificates and encryption protects the clients’ information that is submitted to your website which further increases the security and reliability of their hosting. On top of that, clients get to enjoy get performance from the hosting offered by Yahoo hosting. Apart from that the customer care desk can be reached 24/7 via phone and e-mail to cater to the needs of their clients.

Customer service

The customer support team at yahoo small business can be reached 24/7 and are always willing to help clients out. On top of that, the customer care desk can be reached via phone and e-mail to cater to their clients needs.

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