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Have you heard of WHOIS? WHOIS is a website that store information and details about the owners of a particular domain name. Interested parties can enter the URL of a certain domain into the WHOIS database, and this site will return domain name owner details. These details are public.  whois privacy

When searching for a cheap hosting site, you may want to find one that offers WHOIS privacy protection. Why? WHOIS can be useful when it comes to finding out details about a site owner, but this database also lists everything about you.

WHOIS Details

What can someone see if they search for a URL using the WHOIS website? Your name, address, phone number, and cheap hosting provider. They can also see the date that you created a website and various other details. Remember: this is all public.

Thinking about entering false information into your current domain registration form? Don't do it. Creating a false identity is completely illegal. A better way to conceal your name, phone number, and address is to choose a cheap hosting with domain provider that also offers domain privacy protection.

Why Privacy Protection Works

Hosting companies offering privacy protection options comply with all legal requirements. But, instead of putting your name, address, and phone number on the WHOIS registration, these companies list their own details. Since company information is already public, no harm is done – and people can't access your personal details simply through WHOIS.

Protecting All Of Your Domains

Some companies (like Host Gator) offer WHOIS privacy protection on all sites that you currently own. Even if you have a site that wasn't originally registered with the hosting company you are using now, you can still sign up for this privacy option.

If you don't care about letting the world see your name, address, and phone number, WHOIS details may not be a big deal (as is the case with most companies). But, if your individual details are available through WHOIS, you may want to look for a hosting company that protects your privacy.

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