Where To Buy Your Next Server

Where To Buy Your Next ServerWhether you're looking to Buy another server for your Hosting Needs or purchase your first server as a small business looking to move your site away from the shared hosting environment, it's tough to know where to get the best deal.

On one hand, you want to save as much money as you can, while on the other, you know that sometimes the cheap option isn't in the best interest for your website or the websites of your customers.

Here's a quick look at different options available to you when making this tough decision, which makes you more informed and better prepared to choose the best option for your situation!


While it can be perfectly fine to purchase a used server from Craigslist, it can also be the worst idea you've ever had. Scam artists abound on this site, so there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, you'll want to test the server to assure it works. How can you run a cheap hosting company or a website with a non-functional server? If a seller will not set up a time to meet and give you the opportunity to test it out first, stay away.

If a seller asks you for money upfront to “hold” the server for you, be sure to decline! This is a scam, and you'll probably never hear from that seller again!


This is a little less risky than Craigslist due to the fact there are actual stores and server resellers set up on eBay, but a little more risky as you can't set up a meeting and test the server prior to making the purchase.

Be sure to read the fine print: what is the return policy, if any? Is there a warranty provided? You want to assure that if it doesn't work, there is some policy in place that either replaces it or refunds your money. If possible, choose an eBay store that's conducted many transactions.

Peruse the customer reviews on each seller carefully, taking each experience into account. If something seems wrong, move on to another seller.


These sellers offer new and/or refurbished servers, often with warranties and guarantees. One of these, Vibrant Technologies, offers Dell, HP, Oracle, IBM, and more. Others, such as the Dell Outlet, offers one specific brand exclusively.

Where To Buy Your Next Server: Direct From The Source

This is not a way to save money, but an option nonetheless. HP, Sun/Oracle, IBM, Dell, etc. all sell their own servers on their websites. Buying straight from the source is one way to cut out the middle man and make sure that you're getting exactly what you're paying for.

Custom Server

If none of these options suit you, you can always contact a company like RackMountsEtc or Apaq Digital Systems, both highly regarded in the tech world. They provide servers customized to your specific needs, and often at decent prices. This way, you get what you need and pay a bit less than the name brand!

How did you acquire your server? Any horror stories? We want to hear about them in the comments below!

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