Three New WordPress Plugins

Three New WordPress PluginsIf there's one thing you can count on, it's that you can always do something to improve your website. There's always something that can be added, and with a WordPress site, always some new, shiny plugin to explore.

Let's take a look at some of the newest WordPress plugins and what they can bring your cheap hosting WordPress site.

Take note: these plugins, being new, might have some bugs. To prevent anything detrimental from occurring on your site, install them to a test site or at the very least, ensure you've backed up your site. Also remember that some plugins don't play well with other plugins, making testing them prior to installing them on your actual site crucial!

Okay, onto the list of new WP plugins!

Three New WordPress Plugins: Quiz Master Next

Looking to integrate a test or quiz into  WordPress site? Simply install ‘Quiz Master Next,' added to the Plugin Directory on September 1. This plugin is brought to you by the makers of Quiz Master, a highly popular quiz plugin introduced years ago.

You aren't limited in the number of quizzes you can add, and they can be as long as you would like. Just write up the quiz and add it to your page simply with custom-created shortcode. Want contact information of your quiz takers? No problem! You can also set it up to email you once the quiz has been taken. You control whether the user is graded, or if they only see whether they got the answers right or wrong.

Results are stored for future reference, and you can delete them at any time via the handy quiz dashboard.

Three New WordPress Plugins: Slippy Slider

Slippy Slider, added on September 3, is a jQuery content slider with touch-based navigation. It is highly responsive, and allows you to integrate sliders onto your website that work across many devices. Mobile or desktop, your users have a fun, interactive way to view important content.

Include HTML or image content on slides, and customize buttons with five different gradient colors and two different sizes. You can embed YouTube videos, reuse HTML content from elsewhere on your site, and even choose to transition with a fade effect. Also, choose to set your slider to auto play for effortless slides.

Three New WordPress Plugins: Inn Style

Are you the owner of a hotel or bed and breakfast, searching for a plugin to assist with the process of taking reservations? Look no further than the UK-based Inn Style plugin, added September 6.

Choose any area on your site to include this widget, and presto: an easy to use booking system is in place. The widget adjusts its size automatically, meaning you don't have to mess around with code to get it to fit properly! Pay nothing to list your bed and breakfast or hotel, only pay a small fee of £1 each time a booking is made via the widget.

Do any of these plugins seem like a great fit for your website?

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