Cheap Hosting and Employee Respect

Not taking the time to go through a complete cheap hosting comparison is a mistake. It's also a mistake to assume that all cheap hosting sites are the same — or act the same. Well, this is how you should view your employees too.  yell Cheap Hosting and Employee Respect

When it comes to hiring an employee, you compare all candidates, right? You probably also know that each one of your employees has certain strengths and weaknesses. So, what happens between the time you hire an employee and the time that employee starts working for you regularly? Hopefully, you're a great employer and you don't destroy employee confidence — but you might be making managing mistakes you didn't even know about.

Own Up

Time and again, I've seen managers accuse employees of messing up. Sometimes, it is the case. Most of the time, however, a manager has made a mistake – and blamed that mistake on an employee.

Example: a newly hired coffee barista couldn't make a proper cappuccino, recently. I returned the drink. The manager promptly said (in front of the barista): “I don't know what's wrong with her, she just can't do it properly.” That's not the way to go.

It's the responsibility of management to train baristas to make drinks the right way. The manager should have said: “so sorry about this, I guess we need to work on our training!”

Why Are You Yelling?

Do you yell and slam phones and stomp feet? Do you act like a teenager on a regular basis just to get your point across? Don't yell. Use more powerful words in a calm manner. This will get you a lot further when it comes to employee respect (and gaining the respect of anyone around you that has to listen to you scream!).

Do You Really Need to Micromanage?

Is there anything worse than an employer breathing down your neck? Correcting your every move? Telling you every two minutes when you make a mistake? Don't micromanage. If an employee messes up, deal with it in a calm manner. It is far better to let your employees know that you trust them!

The Constant Job Threat

“If you're not careful!” “You know, a lot of other people would love to have this job!” These kinds of statements are counterproductive — and they put your employees on edge. When someone is on edge around the clock, that person cannot perform well — it's a fact. Don't make empty threats. Any employee with dignity will walk.

Cheap Hosting and Employee Respect: Think About It

Just like you wouldn't select the wrong hosting provider (or skip that vital cheap hosting comparison step!), you shouldn't take your employees for granted. Be a good manager — don't make these simple mistakes.

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