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vodahostVodahost web hosting is a company that offers hosting services. It was started back in the year 2001 and has been offering web hosting services to people from all over the world since then. the web hosting company offers two very basic types of services to their clients; domain registration and hosting services.

VodaHost was established in year 2001, headquartered in Wilmington Delaware and is one of the most highly regarded and trusted web hosting providers on the internet. Their cPanel hosting service combines reliability, value and speed with a phenomenal customer service that is second to none. VodaHost mainly offers shared hosting on the Linux platform. They offer SUPER FAST servers with web hosting, domain names and web design software.


Vodahost web hosting has up held its reputation as a great web hosting company since it was started in 2001. It has been able to maintain its reputation by continually offering its clients great services. It also offers clients all round the clock support that ensures that their needs are well catered for, thus having happy customers.


Vodahost web hosting offers clients several great features that are designed to ensure that clients get the best ever web hosting services. Some of these features include: unlimited monthly data transfer and unlimited disk space. The unlimited disk space is thanks to the use of the best Dell Servers that are available in the market. Users also get the privileged of having an unlimited number of matching e-mail accounts. Vodahost also offers their clients free domain name, registration and transfer.

  • Unlimited Disk Space – Dell PowerEdge Servers!
  • Unlimited Monthly Data Transfer – Go Crazy!
  • Free Domain Name Registration & Transfers
  • Unlimited Matching Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Domain Names and Websites Per Account
  • Multiple Shopping Carts & Merchant Accounts
  • Affiliate Program Software included
  • CGI, PHP, MySQL with Unlimited Databases
  • Blogs, Forums and CMS’s included
  • E-book and Digital Delivery System -Very Cool!

On Vodahost web hosting, users can have multiple shopping carts and multiple merchant accounts too. Some other features include use of CGI,PHP and MySQL with unlimited databases and an inclusive affiliate program software. On top of that, users get unlimited domain names and websites for each account a user holds. Blogs, CMS's and forums are also included. The company offers hosting services to Linux- based users only along with supporting several programming languages such as PHP, Ruby, JSP,ASP, Database, Perl, ColdFusion and Python. All this is done to ensure that the clients can access variety when using Vodahost web hosting services. Vodahost offers clients only 600GB of disk space and bandwidth for about 7.95$ per month.


Vodahost web hosting applies the use of the best Dell servers there are in the market which offer clients unlimited disk space. These servers go a long way in ensuring that the services that clients get are of the best quality and are dependable. The company offers only one type of hosting plan which restricts some people from accessing their web hosting services. More hosting plans would be great as the clients could be spread out in the various packages thus suiting the needs of various people. By employing the use of the c Panel control panel which is the most preferred and is very to use due to its user friendly interface, the company caters to the needs of their clients while giving them the best there is to offer.

Hosting Plans

VodaHost offers Linux hosting plans. It comes with 600GB disk space and 6,000GB monthly data transfer as well as one free domain name and unlimited email accounts. Available features include Fantastico controls, website statistics, e-commerce applications such as shopping carts and the popular Soholaunch application. As for design options, you can get going with BlueVoda, an easy to use site building program that comes built -in.

Disk Space, Monthly Bandwidth, Websites per Account, Domain Names Allowed, 24x7x365 dedicated Customer Service, No contract! Cancel Anytime, 99.9% Average Uptime, Lightning Fast Network, “BlueVoda” Website Builder, “Soholaunch” (You will love this), Sub-domains, FTP Account

VodaHost Reliability and Performance/ Uptime Report

SiteGeek analysis shows 99.9% uptime last week for VodaHost. Up Time % is the amount of time websites hosted by the hosting company are available for users or visitors. VodaHost time and again consistent high up-time percentages very close to 100%, means sites hosted by VodaHost are available 24/7 or exceptionally close to 24/7. VodaHost has 50% positive user sentiment on SiteGeek, based on social media content and conversations. It’s a real time snapshot of customer’s perception of hosting company and ensures hosting company is meeting user needs and convey quality service.

The hosting services that are offered at Vodahost web hosting are quite reliable due to the fact that the Dell server that they use are the best in the market. The fact that users can only use one type of hosting plan is a disadvantage as it locks out very many people who would have preferred other hosting options. Vodahost web hosting however offers their clients an up time of up 99.9% guaranteed up time which ensures that clients are not let down since the Vodahost servers are always working.

Customer Support / Service

Customers of Vodahost web hosting are guaranteed up to 99.9% network uptime which basically means that the Vodahost servers are always working,. Customer support for clients at Vodahost web hosting is quick and is available to customers all round the clock. The support team at Vodahost can reached by clients throughout the day, week and year.

Features and Control Panel

Features includes: Microsoft FrontPage Extensions, MySQL Databases, CGI, PHP, Perl, BlueVoda Websites Builder, Dreamweaver Compatible, Adobe GoLive Compatible, Cron Jobs, Curl, GD, Audio / Video Support, Pop3 accounts, Web Mail, Auto responders, Catch All, Spam Assassin, Server Anti- Virus, Mail Forward, SMTP, Fantastico Hot!, Hotlink Protection, IP deny manager, Search Engine Submission, Custom Error pages, Joomla CMS, Drupal, Instant Blogs (WordPress), Instant Portals Instant php nuke, Instant phpBB Forum, Instant Guestbook, Redirect Url, web based ftp, Password Protected Areas, Form Maker Pro, phpMyAdmin

VodaHost Support

Customer support is available 24 by 7 through ticketed emails and an online forum.


A strong feature of Vodahost is their large and active forum.


Lacking in providing proper Support

Cancellation Policy/ Refund Policy

VodaHost does not have refund policy and does not offer money back guarantee of any type. Customer may cancel VodaHost account at any time they desire.


One of the strong features of Vodahost is their large and active forum which is very useful before or after trying the helpdesk. A couple of the moderators on the forum are very knowledgeable. VodaHost has great uptime, fast setup time and more importantly cheap rates

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  • Martin Thomas says:

    Been with them for years.
    Customer service has always been erratic, now it`s as if they don`t give a toss.

    I have a simple issue (can`t upload Youtube videos) and their response has been lazy, useless and finally non-existent.

  • Asante says:

    We have been with VodaHost since July 2008 and I strongly recommend it to any potential subscriber due to steady improvement in its service delivery over the years. This is to say that there were some initial problems that nearly put us off as beginners in the webhosting. Our sites were hacked on two occasions and our acount suspended twice without notice on accusation of spamming other websites which we strongly disputed. After some email debaters over the matter, the issue was resolved and can confidently say that since December 2011, save some sporadic server problems, no major problem had been encountered. The support team had been exceptionally helpful and where third party support were needed, they had genuinely offered the timely information and advice required.

  • Elmicro says:

    I have been with VodaHost for two years now. There is nothing that is exceptionally exciting but on an average it is doable. You just have to take care that you do not depend upon the support staff a lot. Otherwise it`s all good.

  • Samara Rao says:

    I am so happy with VodaHost that I can say that if I decide to float another website it will definitely be with VodaHost. They are doing brilliant work.

  • Elena Vorobei says:

    VodaHost is not a very good idea. I don`t know exactly where I can pin point but in the one year service that I took from them there was some or the other problem coming up all the time. May be they do need a lot of improvement or maybe I was just unlucky. But I had to terminate my account

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