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Looking to generate more business for your cheap hosting company? Think you've tried everything? Think again. If you aren't using Facebook to the fullest extent, you're ignoring one of the best ways to gain new customers!

Mashable recently had a great article, asking eight entrepreneurs the best way to put Facebook to work for your business, things greater than garnering new likes, ads, and give aways. Here's what they had to say:

1. Feature Partners Or Customers

Stacey Ferreira of MySocialCloud speaks to the value of featuring partners and customers on their Facebook page. One example: the Free Bike Project, one of their partners that advertises the company on bikes they ride all over campus. MySocialCloud asked these riders to submit photographs of themselves with the bikes so that the company can post them to their Facebook page. By simply focusing on customers instead of themselves, users become more engaged and interact via social media more often, bringing in even more customers.

2. The Power Of Facebook Groups

Corey Blake of Round Table Companies spotlights a useful feature of Facebook: private communities and groups. It feels like an “exclusive club” for customers, who can turn to the group to interact directly with the company and also with other customers. This brings them closer than ever to the company and each other, and adds value to your company in their eyes. As Bake says, “It's an amazing way to help them see us as a conduit for them as a united front of crusaders.”

3. Videos

Yes, videos. These can boost likes and shares, as well as comments. Torrey Tayenaka of Sparkhouse points out you should to discuss your cheap hosting company, upcoming products or services, recognize standout employees, speak to changes in policies — whatever you like. It's important to discuss your company and the web hosting industry as a whole, setting yourself apart from the rest as the expert. Customers will return time and time again if you offer useful information.

4. Yes To Unrelated Content

Just because it's your company's Facebook page doesn't mean it can't be fun, according to Jay Wu of Best Drug Rehabilitation. Showing your customers you are more than just another web hosting company can be as simple as posting a silly meme or video. Customers will feel more connected to the company as if it were a person, leading to a higher level of engagement.

5. Discounts And Promotions

Andrew Schrage of Money Crashers Personal Finance suggests exclusive Facebook-only promotions and discounts. To further entice your customers to return to your Facebook page, limit promo codes to a select number of visitors, like the first 50 respondents. If a customer feels they've missed out on a good deal, they will check back to see when you post the next one!

6. Consistency Is Key

Kuba Jewgieniew of Realty ONE Group knows the importance of posting consistently. More than that, he knows it's important to respond to customer posts and comments! Consistent posts regarding information relevant to your users keeps them coming back for more, and responses show your customers you care.

7. Share Positive Stories

Tyler Arnold of SimplySocial Inc. points to the importance of sharing things like special events your company attends, partnerships, the day-to-day operations of your business in photographs, and information regarding recent charitable donations.

8. Social Recruiting

Staff.com's Liam Martin relies on the company's Facebook page to recruit new talent. If there is a position that's difficult to fill, they just ask Facebook followers to put out the word, and watch the new candidates roll in. It helps increase followers of the Facebook page while at the same time bringing in new candidates they can use to fill future positions. A win-win!

Are you using your Facebook page to its full potential? Do you find these tips helpful?

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