Top WordPress Image Plugins

WordPress makes it easy to add images to any site or blog post. But, there are some WordPress image plugins that make this process even easier – and better looking. If you've been trying to figure out how to enhance the look of your WordPress site, these plugins are worth taking a look at. Top WordPress Image Plugins

Top WordPress Image Plugins: Lazy Load

I really like this plugin because it does two essential things: it makes your site faster, and it shows your photographs and images. Lazy Load only shows images when a user is looking at your site. This means that your site will load faster. Lazy Load also happens to be a super easy plugin to use. Simply download the plugin and go.

Top WordPress Image Plugins: Hammy

Hammy optimizes any image that you have on your site. When a visitor lands on your page, images will load according to the best size for that visitor. If someone is looking at your site using a mobile device, Hammy will make sure that your site loads faster by optimizing images. It's simple to set up Hammy too. Just configure the plugin according to your needs. Since the plugin only provides three possible options, configuration isn't that rough.

Top WordPress Image Plugins: CW Image Optimizer

Sometimes, you have to resize images and lose out on quality in the process. CW Image Optimizer will make sure that quality is not sacrificed for size. This is a handy plugin that makes adding photos of any size better. To setup this plugin, simply follow the plugin details.

Top WordPress Image Plugins: Other Image Tips

You want to make sure that the images on your site load quickly and are also nice to look at. Images that slow sites down are simply bulky, and will, eventually, begin to turn users away. WordPress plugins make image sizing and optimizing simpler. Best of all, each of these plugins can be yours for free. Need help with a plugin? Have a question? Ask away!

Photo courtesy of diser55 via Flickr Creative Commons

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