Top 4 Cloud Storage Options

sugarsync Top 4 Cloud Storage OptionsCloud storage isn't hard to find. Many companies are dishing out free cloud storage, and some companies are begging people just like you to take it. The problem with too many cloud storage companies is that it's hard to sort the good from the bad. Which ones are really cloud storage companies, and which ones are just pretending? More importantly, which cloud storage companies can you actually trust?

Here are the top four cloud storage companies available according to my personal review:

1. Dropbox. You just can't get that far in the cloud world without Dropbox. When it comes to sharing ideas, working with a team on a project, or sending someone a quick file, Dropbox rules. This cloud storage option is also free. If you want to upgrade for more storage, Dropbox does offer reasonable subscription rates as well.

2. SugarSync. Aside from the fact that the name of this company is really fun to say (try it three times fast!), SugarSync has a solid reputation. Why? This cloud storage option has been around for a long time now. Customisation options abound with SugarSync, and this service can back up large files and folders – not just a single folder. SugarSync is available for free if you choose the 5GB option.

3. Google Drive. It's hard not to add Google Drive to this list. Drive is one of the gold standards when it comes to cloud storage. Drive is basic, free, and simple to use. What more could you want from a cloud storage option?

4. Zip Cloud. Zip Cloud is a lesser-known cloud storage company, but it really should be at the top of the list right next to Dropbox and Drive. Zip Cloud offers users the option to backup files that are not in the Zip Cloud ‘Synch' folder, includes tons of customisation choices, and is available both in free and paid formats. Haven't heard of or tried Zip Cloud? Check out our cloud storage review.

If you need to store files or folders in the cloud, go with a company that has a good reputation. Even though tons of companies are boasting cloud storage options these days, few of those companies actually offer real cloud systems. All of the companies listed above are tried and true. Got questions? Need help? Ask away!

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