Reason Companies Switch to the Cloud

If you've been reading our blog, you know that the number one reason why companies switch to the cloud is that cloud-based services are cost-effective. Most companies save a large percentage when it comes to switching from a large IT department to a cloud-base service, but there's another reason why companies are jumping on the cloud bandwagon.  amazon Reason Companies Switch to the Cloud

The Number Two Reason Companies Are Going Cloud

What's the other reason companies are moving to the cloud? Less effort and costs when it comes to upgrades. It's simpler to upgrade when connected to a cloud-based service that upgrades automatically. It's also true that cloud services offer the latest upgrades, and this is something that can take a very long time when going the non-cloud route.

If you combine the cost savings (cutting down on an IT team, software and hardware upgrades, maintenance costs…) of the cloud with the simplicity of cloud services, the result is a winning combination. But, there are more than two reasons why companies are switching to the cloud.

The Third Reason Companies Switch to the Cloud

In addition to cost-effectiveness and simplicity, switching to the cloud means complete customization. There are far more customization options offered to users of cloud services. Companies that keep some IT specialists to handle customized options are even more ahead of the game.

If you own a company and are considering moving to the cloud, cost savings alone should be enough of an incentive. Adding simplicity and customization options into the equation is just icing on the cloud cake. Are there any additional cloud benefits that you can think of? If you've switched to the cloud, what made you make the move?

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