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Latest News And Web Hosting Review SparkpaySpark Pay is a cloud-based e-commerce platform and mobile Point Of Sale solution (POS) established in 2005, acquired by Capital One Financial Corporation in 2014. It offers services such as SSL certificates, e-commerce websites, and electronic commerce merchant services among others.


Highly reputed in the industry for offering feature-rich e-commerce solutions. Applauded for ensuring safe e-commerce transactions along with the pioneering of the Mobile Point of Sale service.

Hosting Plans

It provides five online store hosting plans: the steel plan which is ideal for entry level users and goes for only $24.99. The bronze plan comes with 500 products, 1GB storage, no setup fee and 3GB traffic, for as little as $39 per month. The silver plan, on the other hand, costs $99 monthly and is the most popular plan with 5,000 products, 1GB storage, and 15 GB traffic. The other plan is the gold plan going for $149 monthly and has 2GB storage, 25GB traffic, and no setup cost and10, 000 products. The Platinum plan is the perfect option for high traffic website with 5GB storage and 50GB traffic and unlimited products for only $299 each month. All the plans come with a free shared SSL certificate and 14 days free trial.


Spark Pay customers get a full array of features from which to choose; they include store front features, marketing, store management, SEO, order and shopping along with security features.

Storefront features include a full featured website, landing pages, free e-commerce templates, mobile commerce, a custom domain name, FTP access, HTML, CSS and an easy theme editor.

Some of the products features included are product videos, products comparison, multidimensional product reviews, subscriptions and recurring products, inventory management and digital products.

Store management capabilities included are taxes, multiple storefronts, shipping tools, abandoned the cart, mass import, workflow rule engine, drop shipping email templates and order fulfillment among others.

Buyers also get to enjoy various order and shopping features at Spark Pay including multiple payment types, live orders, phone orders, partial orders and splitting, accounting integration, customized cart page and purchase orders.

Some of the marketing and SEO features are newsletters, free Facebook store, ad codes, email marketing, SEO tools, customer rewards, email automation, tweet products, Google analytics, blogs and live chat among others.

Payment Methods

Spark Pay accepts a range of payment methods, and merchants can accept payment made via American Express, Visa, Discover, and MasterCard. On top of that customers can receive both credit and debit cards from buyers. Customers can also make payments via Amazon Checkout and PayPal among 50other payment gateways.


It uses the latest technologies in the industry to ensure it delivers quality and reliable e-commerce solutions. It provides various devices to enhance the security of payments: they include a wireless payment terminal, mobile reader, cash drawer, payment terminal, a printer and a digital register. It further provides 24/7 customer support for enhanced reliability.

Customer Service

Spark Pay provides round the clock customer support that is available by phone, email and live chat for customer consultations. Customers can further connect with the company on social media via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest for further details. The company’s knowledgebase, FAQs section, and video tutorials are also available for more support.

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