Company Introduction of SkyNetHosting

skynethostingSkyNet technologies is a hosting company that is located in India and aims at offering the best hosting services to clients from India. The company was started way back in 2004 to compete with other web hosting companies in the industry. SkyNet Hosting offers web hosting that is cost-effective and secure to clients.

SkyNet Hosting Reputation

SkyNet Hosting has a reputation in India as a web hosting company that offers clients a complete package of web hosting services; cost effective and secure services. The company is considered to be the best option for those who are looking to get web hosting services and management of web presence is India. The company is renowned in India due to its dependability and capability of the web hosting services that they provide their clients with.

SkyNet Hosting Features

SkyNet technologies web hosting offers clients web hosting services on computers that use Linux and windows. There are several features that the users of SkyNetHosting are entitled to such as: anonymous FTP connections, Protected directories, three of them redundant, Front page extensions, a personal control panel for easy administration, It supports PHP, has ssh access, CGI-Bin, a dedicated IP address, SMTP, IMAP, POP, a web mail E-mail service, direct On Net fiber connections, on line and telephone customer support and more than i5 value added services and products among many others. We are the web-hosting provider on Linux, Windows NT. Our affordable Web hosting services Linux remote administration. SkyNetHosting deems to offer their high clients high class services along with great speed and stability which is the key to maintaining their clients. The company employs the use of server class hardware. The web hosting the company offers includes HTML, PHP and My SQL with virtual databases that are unlimited. These help advanced users to build interactive web sites which are dynamic.

SkyNet Hosting Performance

SkyNet Hosting company looks to make sure that they build and manage the web hosting services of their clients to the best of their ability. The company does this by ensuring that clients get a guaranteed network up time of up to 99.9% without any disruptions. The company offers services to both Linux and Windows users thus broadening their market share in the web hosting industry. SkyNet hosting offers web hosting services in terms of HTML, PHP and My SQL with unlimited virtual databases. These services go a long way to help advanced users to build interactive web sites which are also dynamic.

SkyNet Hosting Reliability

Skynet technologies guarantees their clients a network up time of up to 99.9% and continued customer support, all round the clock. The company seeks to support a variety of tools for designing that users can make use to professionalize their web site. They also aim at providing web hosting solutions that help users to build as many web pages as possible and support lots of traffic to a users web site. On top of that, skynet reduces the overall browsing time that is required by about 300'% as it offers web pages that are accessed faster by visitors to a users web site

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