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Pay-per-clicks and site rankings are just half the metrics battle. There's a whole side to your site that you're probably ignoring – but not intentionally. Most site owners don't pay attention to the smaller details, but this can be a huge mistake. If you run any kind of website, here are some metrics that you are forgetting about.Site Metrics best website metrics

1. Last page standing : You might have noticed how long visitors spend on each page, but pay careful attention to the last page that each visitor checks out. Why? If your site readers are leaving after visiting the same page, there's probably a good reason. Maybe you need to revamp the content or work on the page itself. Whatever the cause may be, don't neglect that last page.

2. Unfollows! Do you have any idea how many people currently follow any one of your social media pages? No? You should. More importantly, you should make note if that number drops. Find out when people started to stop following you, what happened that day, and what you can do to make that number rise again.

3. Social note : From retweets to your content showing up in those mini Twitter magazines (like, social notes boost your brand. Take the time to find out how often your company is mentioned or posts are retweeted.

4. Your customer service response time : Does it take your customer service team hours to respond to a Facebook comment or tweet? That's not a good thing. Time responses and let your team know that you are watching. Good customer service is the backbone of any company.

Site Metrics Conclusion

I'm betting that you did not pay attention to most of the things on this list, but now you can. It takes a lot more to keep a site running than simple metrics. Sure, things like revenue generated and source traffic are important, but don't neglect the rest of your site in the process.

Need more metrics help? Ask away! We also have lots of great posts when it comes to cheap hosting and website ideas. Take a look around!

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