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silanis e signaturesSometimes you need an easy way to sign something electronically. The days of the ‘fax and return' signature can't fade fast enough. E-signatures make life easier, but it's also vital to find an esignature platform that is user-friendly and efficient. Enter ‘Silanis,' a Montreal-based startup that is driving the esignature community.

Silanis and Your Business

Running a business means getting it all on paper. It doesn't matter how well you know your client (even if your client is your mom), you need to have documents signed in order to save your skin when the time comes. The best and fastest way to do this is with an esignature process.

Silanis is an electronic and digital signature platform that makes it simple to collect signatures for all kinds of documents. Silanis makes in-person esignature products in addition to cloud signature products and more, but what I find the most useful is the eSign Desktop tool that Silanis has created.

Signatures From Your Desktop

The Silanis eSign Desktop tool integrates with Word, Excel, Adobe, Acrobat, and other popular file format options. Your documents remain in their native file format, and eSign simply goes to work when you need a signature.

At the bottom of an eSign file, a signing button appears. Clicking on this button will automatically bring you to a place where you can enter your electronic signature. From there, your signature will be secured and stored, and you can use that same signature moving forward. How legal is all of this?

No Need to Fear

For some reason, many people are still reluctant to sign papers electronically for fear that this signature is not legally binding. Silanis states on the company's website that all esignatures collected through the many Silanis tools are legally binding. So, you can create your esignature, store it, sign a document, and move on without any kind of concern. How great is that?

Signed documents are the absolute only way to go if you want to make sure that your company is safe when it comes to contracts and agreements. Even if you're just running a cheap hosting company and you need a signature to complete a small deal, make sure to get that paperwork signed. Otherwise, you will have nothing to fall back on should something go wrong with that contract.

The E-Signature Option

You don't have to go the electronic route. You could ask your clients to print, sign, and scan some paperwork back to you – but why? Why go through this hassle when something like Silanis exists? I don't work for Silanis in any way, but I can see the merit here.

I also want your hosting company to succeed, and a signature gathering process that's simplified is a great way to accomplish any long or short-term partnership or contract goal.

Need signatures? Get Silanis. Questions? Need more information? Like this article? Post a note!

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