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hosting bundles Social Media ServicesIt is essential for today's websites to have social media accounts. It's just the way it is. More often than not, a potential customer is going to search for your business page on Facebook before they turn to Google, so you'd better have a Facebook page!

Having a social media account means companies have an effective way to advertise — as long as it's put to good use. This means having a strong Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube presence. But some businesses just can't find the time to get things started, and if they do, they haven't a clue how to set it all up in order to maximize their reach.

Hosting And Social Media Services: The Ultimate Bundle

If you're a cheap hosting provider, you can capitalize on companies that don't have the time or skill to set up an effective social media page. Let's take a look at what other hosting providers are offering in terms of social media services, giving you some ideas to help your own hosting clients.

Hosting And Social Media Services: Power Shift

This Vermont-based hosting company, in business since 1992 and self-proclaimed “one-stop-Internet-shop”, offers a wide range of services, including web design and social media customization. They will help you design an effective cover photo for your Timeline, a custom Welcome page, and even provide training on different strategies like using photos effectively.

Hosting And Social Media Services: SmartNet Technologies

Based in the New England region of the US, SmartNet has been in business since 1998. They provide a full range of services: web hosting; graphic design; application development; SEO; promotion; and of course, social media. The company will set up or overhaul your social media presence on either Twitter or Facebook, maintain your company's presence on the sites, help you find new fans, create custom Facebook pages, and even respond to customer posts.

Hosting And Social Media Services: iCandy

This hosting provider based in Ontario, Canada offers training on the use of social media, different social media tools that can be integrated into your website, custom Twitter background designs, and custom blog templates.

Hosting And Social Media Services: Vizuelle

This hosting company, offering packages starting at $4.99 per month, is yet another company offering a full range of services targeted to the holistic practices, artists, life coaches, or consultants: web design; domain registration; hosting; and social media management. You can be worry-free while Vizuelle sets up your Timeline, Twitter, and YouTube accounts; assists in Facebook advertising including creating effective ads; generate new fans; maintain your pages; and more.

Hosting And Social Media Services: What Should Your Hosting Company Offer?

Now that you see what other cheap hosting companies are offering, you're trying to decide what you should offer.

  • At the very least, you should offer your customers assistance setting up their social media accounts. This is often the reason companies haven't started a Facebook page yet — “I simply don't have the time.”
  • From there, you can offer to maintain the business social media accounts, but just know that is time consuming and will likely require new employees.
  • Offer a series of YouTube tutorials on effective social media optimization techniques if you aren't comfortable with offering to devote your time and energy to creating and maintaining social media pages.

Offering some form of social media optimization will set you apart from the rest, and give you a competitive edge.

Do you already offer social media services? What do you offer? Any tips for our readers? Share them below!

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