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Every once in a while, a new startup comes along that makes building a website easier. The most recent startup to accomplish this goal is called ‘Scroll Kit.' Scroll Kit is a content editor that makes building a site so simple, the Scroll Kit team managed to replicated the New York Times' site multimedia site (dubbed ‘Snow Fall' in one hour). Not amused, the NY Times asked Scroll Kit to take down the replica, but, still, it was done.

scroll kitIf the Scroll Kit team can use Scroll Kit's tools to replicate the NY Times site in an hour, what can you do with these tools? The idea is to let people just like you build awesome sites with just a few tools and a simple program. Can it actually be done? How hard is it? Here's a closer look at Scroll Kit.

Using Scroll Kit to Build Sites

Scroll Kit lets users insert images, videos, animations, and other parts of a dynamic site with just the click of a mouse. This site's interface is user-friendly, and dragging and dropping was never easier. Once a site has been completed, the code from that site (provided) can simply be exported to WordPress or anywhere else. In the end, you have a completely original site that's also a lot of fun to build.

Scroll Kit founders were looking for a way for people to create websites that didn't feel so robotic. If you've used other coding sites before, you know that these sites can be rather mundane. This, in turn, makes the whole experience mind numbing. Scroll Kit sites, on the other hand, are fun to create and result in amazing sites. Best of all, you don't need to know a lick of code. Right now, Scroll Kit is also free to use.

A Great Option

If you're looking into cheap hosting sites and trying to figure out how to build an original site, Scroll Kit might be the tool to use. You could learn code, but why bother when you can simply drag and drop your way to an awesome site? If you're trying to figure out how to create your site, Scroll Kit is worth a look.

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