Protection: For Cloud Security

Protection: For Cloud SecurityProtection. It's not just for those intimate moments. Your cloud data needs physical protection too. When it comes to cloud security, you can't have enough protection. Yet, most enterprises considering a switch to the cloud never think about real-world safety.

Why Physical Matters

Every single bit of data that's stored in a data center should be covered from every possible angle. Not sure how your data is covered? Ask. Data should come with backup plans, and plans that cover all kinds of risks.

Just think of all the things that could happen to data stored in a data center – fire, storms, natural disasters, environmental issues.

A cloud provider should store files in different data centers spread across various zones. If failure happens in one zone, it won't happen across the board if information has been spread out.

It's nice to think of the cloud as a safe and fluffy haven away from the real world, but this is an ideal that just doesn't exist. Your data has to be backed up and protected against all possible problems, so ask your cloud provider: how is my data protected in the real world?

That doesn't mean that your data in the cyber world shouldn't also be protected, though.

Cloud Security and Transmission Protection

Just ask the CIA – all cloud data must be highly protected. More specifically: make sure extra security measures are in place for networks that don't have VPN or WAN controls. Seek out a company that offers 256-bit SSL level protection. Your data is worth this level of protection.

What about data stored in the cloud? Any stored data should be encrypted – that's just the smart way to do things. You'll also want to make sure that you have absolute control over file retention. Make sure you have the ability to remove files as you see fit. File retention isn't something that you want to leave to chance, or let your cloud company handle for you. No access? Find a new cloud provider. Don't forget about your customers either.

Customer Access and Control

Any form of customer access or control should come with 2-factor encryption. Customer trust is a massive part of any business, and these measures will save you a lot of hassle too.

Not sure what to ask your new cloud provider about data storage and security? Ask us! We will help you figure out those things that you need to know, quickly.

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