Massive WordPress Attack

Word has started to circulate that a massive WordPress hack is currently underway. Seemingly, the site's administrative system has been hacked, and many users are locked out of blogs as a result. WordPress has not yet commented on the hack, but the news is starting to worry some bloggers.

Wordpress Attack

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Expensive and cheap hosting server companies alike are scrambling to make sure that client sites are not compromised. One of the largest hosting companies has told press that a number of WordPress sites have been disabled. Why would a hosting company take down a WordPress site that has been hacked?

Acting Swiftly

Whether a cheap hosting company or not, all hosting companies have to act before it's too late. By taking down WordPress sites, disabling access to the administrative portions of the sites, and then fix each site, a site must be inactive for a short while. Companies are scrambling to make sure that WordPress sites are impossible to hack into, but this is not an easy thing to do.

Previously, hackers have managed to get inside of various WordPress sites and spread malware and viruses. This is exactly what hosting sites are trying to prevent. Right now, it seems as though a number of WordPress blogs that were taken down this morning are up and running once again, but there is no word as to whether or not those hacks are still a threat.

More Attacks Coming?

Many are connecting dots between North Korea tensions and US tensions in relation to cyber attacks. Seemingly, most of these attacks are happening in the realm of hosting companies. While North Korea has not commented on the situation (as is common), hosting companies within the US are on guard. This is especially the case with cheap hosting companies that may not have as much security set up.

Whether you use a cheap hosting company or one that's not cheap at all, hacking attempts and malicious troubles are par for the course, it seems. Many speculate that additional hacks will take place within the coming months as cyber warfare continues. If you currently have a WordPress site that's down, it could be for this very reason. But, do make sure and contact your hosting company, just in case your downtime is not outage or hack related.

An Uncertain Internet?

What will become of hosting companies in the future? It seems as though these companies will have to beef up security measures in order to prevent additional attacks. While it's tough to discern where these types of attacks are coming from, it seems likely that they will continue.

This all adds up to a very uncertain future for the Internet, and for hosting companies in general. If hosting companies have to sink more money into security, cheap hosting might soon be a thing of the past. As soon as I hear word about the new WordPress attacks, I will make sure to let you know what's happening.

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  • jenny lewis says:

    Save your WordPress website from Crypto PHP malware. Hackers are saving their script in image format commonly with the name of social.png. Try to find this and open in your notepad, if you see code written in it, then you website is infected. Hosting companies are also terminating such websites. You must re-install the wordpress from scratch and change all the password, as it might be possible that hacker might have access to your database also.

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