Nebula: Bringing The Cloud

cloud computing seo Nebula: Bringing The CloudWhat do you do if you run a company, you want to use a cloud server option, but you don't want to rely on a company like Amazon? You may choose to use Nebula. Nebula is a small start-up founded by some of the same people that created the Open Stock concept.

Essentially, Nebula turns regular servers into a cloud system. A system that runs, naturally, Open Stock. The Nebula team claim that they have the solution to the cloud problem. Namely, the “I want to use a cloud solution, but I don't want to rely on a third-party like Amazon to do it” problem.

Using Nebula

The personalized system that Nebula has set up is called Nebula One, and it's meant to be simple to use. How simple? Nebula reps claim that you can plug servers into Nebula One, turn it on, and “boot” up the cloud. What about all that management and other stuff that companies like Amazon offer?

Nebula has put all management issues into one complete device that doesn't require any additional payments, plans, or maintenance. Instead of paying for a cloud service, you will be paying for your own cloud setup. Nebula's One simply sits on top of a rack of servers, includes 48 different Ethernet ports, and an intelligent operation system called Cosmos.

What Cosmos Does

Cosmos snags all data from every single server that you might have in a rack. The great thing about Cosmos is that you can use any kind of server with the OS. It doesn't matter what company made your server, Cosmos works with everything from Dell to IBM, making this a truly versatile cloud solution.

The Nebula team already has a number of impressive clients that are using the cloud services. Basically, what the Nebula team is saying is: you can have your very own cloud setup using this technology. How innovative is that? How much will this setup cost you? It's not meant to be a cheap solution, but you can expect to pay the same amount for your own cloud that you would pay for your own data center.

The Nebula Advantage

The main advantage to having your own cloud setup is that you will also have complete control. Just as you would have control over your own data center, Nebula's cloud offering runs the same course. The very concept of owning your own cloud might seem odd right now, but I'm willing to wager a bet that it's a concept that will definitely catch on.

Is this a cheap cloud server solution? Not so much. But, it is a great way to have your own cloud, control your own cloud happenings, and take advantage of everything that the cloud has to offer — without relying on a third party company. Make sure to check out the Nebula website to find out more about this cloud option. What do you think? Would you like to have your own cloud? What price would you pay?

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