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mddhostingThe MDDhosting company was founded back in the year 2007 and it is privately owned. The company's physical location is in Indiana in the U.S. The company offers their clients hosting services that range from shared hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated server hosting, domain registration, virtual private servers and semi dedicated hosting. Since the company was founded in 2007, it has been able to grow swiftly to match up to their competitors and effectively meet all their clients’ needs.


The MDDhosting company has been in the hosting industry for quite some time and has managed to keep a good name. It has an out standing reputation in the web hosting industry as a company that offers very good hosting services to their clients all over the world. Their customer care is great, reliable hosting with great up time statistics. The company's hosting is nothing short of great.


Clients of MDDhosting company are entitled to three basic hosting plans, the basic hosting plan, the intermediate hosting plan and the advanced hosting plan. The common features that these plans share include the fact that they support various programming languages such as PHP 5.2 and PHP 5.3,Perl 5.8, MySQL5.1 and SSI support is also available on all the hosting plans. On top of that, all the hosting plans offer automatic daily data back ups, a free set up along with unlimited FTP accounts and unlimited E-mail accounts. More so, the hosting plans come e-commerce ready have Shared SSL and SSI support, Magento and private SSL is also provided for. The basic hosting plan has up to 5GB worth of disk space and 250 GB of bandwidth each month, unlimited databases and add-on domains. The intermediate hosting plan on the other hand comes with 10 GB of disk space and 500 GB of bandwidth each month along with unlimited add-on domains and databases. The advanced hosting plan comes with 750 GB of bandwidth and 15 GB of disk space monthly and unlimited databases and add on domains on top of that. MDD web hosting company further employs the use of a c Panel control, panel which is very easy to use and better yet very flexible.


Generally the performance of this hosting company is quite good with the only thing that need to be improved being their hosting speeds. Other than that, their hosting is feature-rich with good customer care support and reliable hosting services. On top of that, their network up time statistics are nothing short of great, thus reliable hosting. A technical team and customer care desk that are the clients disposal is another plus in the performance of the company's hosting.


Their servers are up all day and night in line with their advertised network up time of up to 99.9%. On top of that, the technical support team and the customer care desk work tirelessly to offer their clients exemplary hosting services all through the day and night

Services Offered

  • Shared Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Semi Dedicated Hosting
  • Virtual Private Servers
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Domain Registration

Customer Support/ service

The customer care desk is responsive to client needs and can be reached throughout the day and night. The technical support team is also on standby to cater for their clients technical needs. Thus in terms of customer service, the company is among the best there is in the industry.

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