WordPress Plugin LSCWP (LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress)

LiteSpeed CacheWordPress acclaimed to be one of the most popular content management software and blogging website platform. Almost 30% of the total website on the web runs on it. Programmers are continuously trying to figure out ways to make this WP website more sensitive, fast and accelerated. LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress is a breakthrough in this area!

If you want to give your WordPress website more power and make it fabulously fast. Then you need LiteSpeed Cache plugin. LiteSpeed Technologies has introduced this LSCWP (LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress) as one of its proprietary caching technology. A PHP based plugin which is a free and open source. It hyper-charges the WordPress website and works faster and much more efficiently than any other caching solution. The highlight of LiteSpeed Cache is that it performs caching at the web server level. When an insensitive WordPress website gets the power of LSCWP. Consequently, performance greatly improves, as a result, helps to draw more traffic. Those websites that are using it are claiming to see a 50% surge in their speed and traffic!

Benefits of LiteSpeed for Cache for WordPress

  • Every visitor to your website would see the latest updated page each time requested.
  • Very simple steps needed to use it. Since designed to synchronize with any WP installation.
  • Most noteworthy, Overhead reduces and caching done faster, at the web server level. Pages hence load much faster.
  • Customize Settings – separate themes for the desktop and mobile view or different themes depending upon geographical locations.
  • It supports do-not-cache so if you do not want to serve cached up pages to certain visitors, so be it.
  • Plugin Support – Supports most popular plugins like ‘bbPress' or ‘WooCommerce' and no extra configurations required.
  • It supports both single site and multi-site installations.

How does it work?

To increase the speed of WordPress website, the most sustainable and efficient option is implementing faster page caching. LiteSpeed cache for WordPress does this only in a very proficient fashion.

Pre-requirements for using LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress would be LSWS Enterprise 5.0.10+. Therefore, get upgraded version, with LiteSpeed Enterprise License while, the module is in an enabled state. Now from the WordPress plugin directory simply download LiteSpeed Cache plugin.

Installation and Configuration

Follow simple steps of installation, configuration, customization, and any troubleshooting. LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress users is very effortless with cPanel.

The soul of LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress is its LSCache engine. It tags each page cached. The page-load time reduces as it caches the dynamic WordPress pages in a static state on the web server itself.

So this plugin communicates with the LiteSpeed web server and the LiteSpeed Cache engine(which built within) and caching happens at the server level.

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