It's A Niche Race to the Sponsorship Finish

Attracting attention is hard to do. Especially if you're a small startup with big ambitions, or your name isn't Don Draper.  It's A Niche Race to the Sponsorship Finish

Keyword stuffing and signing up with a cheap domain company is just the tip of the iceberg. If you really want to see those dollar bills, you have to let the world know that you're in business – and that means sponsoring a few things.

There are all kinds of different ways to sponsor events. You can pledge money to kids in need or people that are downtrodden. You can create a catchy ad campaign. Or, you can stand behind a race. A race? That's right – a race. Or, more specifically, a niche race.

Racing Is Where The Big Companies Are At

The sport of mud (or obstacle) racing has really picked up over the past few months. From the Reebok sponsored Spartan Race to the Tough Mudder (sponsored by Under Armor, Wheaties, and other companies), racing is where it's at. But, you can take that kind of sponsorship one step further. You can become a company that sponsors niche races.

What the heck is a niche race? One excellent example is the upcoming ‘Course of the Force' race that will take place from July 9-16th in California. If you're thinking: ‘Force as in Star Wars?' You are correct. The Course of the Force is a Star Wars themed race complete with light sabers and costumes.

It's A Niche Race to the Sponsorship Finish: Big Business

Many large brands see lots of appeal in the Force of the Course race. Brands such as State Farm, Hasbro, Angry Birds, and many others (including Qualcomm) are behind this race. Why? Because Star Wars – anything with the name Star Wars on it, really – brings in big bucks. Sponsor a Star Wars race, and you will attract a whole different kind of crowd.

Star Wars isn't for you? Check out the Dirty Girl mud races – all-girl race events. The point here is that there are many different niche races you can sponsor, and summertime is the perfect time to put your brand next to any kind of healthy, outdoors, race. If you're looking for a good way to advertise, look into sponsoring various races. You'll certainly be in line with the big dogs if you do.

Need help getting started on your site? Got a race question? Ask away! Or, let us know if you need some recommendations for a cheap hosting site or cheap site with domain – that's what our ‘ask the expert' button is for!

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