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hosting New Domain NamesICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is about to release more than 2,000 new domains. This means that it's not all about .org, .com, and .net any more. Soon, very soon, it's going to be about something more. Like what? Like .hosting or .cloudhosting – some top-level names have already been claimed by certain companies that had access to the new names last October.

If you are just getting into the website game, you may want to consider choosing one of these new options. Why? Because people may soon associate your company with one of the newer domain options. Just think what life would be like if you were known as *the* marketing company because your URL ended in .marketing. Yeah, that impact is going to be huge.

Choose the Best Option

Moving a website is never recommended, so it's best to make sure that the domain ending you choose will be one you're happy with for a very long time. Not sure what that choice should be or which name to select? Think long and hard about your business, and consider whether or not a custom domain will put you at the top.

It will also pay to keep in mind that .com or .net or .org (okay, those are reserved for actual organizations) are not going to disappear. You can still grab a .com domain, but you don't have to – and that's the point. But, like anything shiny and new, you shouldn't go full force into the new domain game. Take your time and think carefully about whether or not a new domain is really for you. Not sure? In that case, it's probably not a great idea.

Making the Switch?

If you have an established brand, I don't recommend going full force into a new domain name. Why? Because your clients are going to be very confused when you change your domain. Think of it this way: have you ever been puzzled when a favorite store moves to a new location, but you can't actually find that location (or it's just not on your way to work anymore)?

That's kind of what you'll be dealing with if you change your domain. Should you decide to go against this device and choose a new domain, do make sure that you tell your clients well in advance that your name will be changing. Otherwise, they'll just wind up visiting a site that no longer exists – or, worse, visiting a competitor site.

New Domain Names: When It Will All Happen

Look towards the new year for new domain names. I'm hoping that this doesn't get too confusing – companies may start having all kinds of strange names! If you do want to switch, check out what ICANN has to say about the matter. Just keep in mind that you don't have to choose, switch, or do anything differently – there's nothing wrong with good old .com!

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