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Youtube Embed Video On Your SiteSetting up video on your website is a great way to attract readers. With YouTube, that process is relatively simple to do too. If you want to embed some YouTube videos on your site, here are the steps that you need to take.

  1. First, create your own YouTube account by signing up for an account on the main YouTube website.
  2. Then, choose the ‘Video Manager,' and select ‘Upload a Video.' Follow the on-screen directions to set up a video.
  3. Your video will take some time to upload, but you can use this time to create all the SEO and tag information for your video (title, description, and tags). Also, make sure to choose the right category to place your video in, so that people can easily find your new creation.
  4. Once uploaded, you can click on the ‘View on Video Page' option. Once that's done, your video should appear on YouTube. Now, you'll have to get your video on your site.

Uploading to Your Site

  1. Select the ‘Share' option.
  2. Copy the ‘Embed' code that appears (HTML code).
  3. Add this content to your site.
  4. That's it – your video should now appear!

Just remember that you may need permission to post some videos you find on YouTube. If the video that you want to post is your own creation, you do not need permission to share that video. If it's not your own creation, you might have to gain author permission.

Why Post Videos?

Creating a video is hard work, but you can easily set one up if you have something interesting to say. Videos add some life and unique content to a site – just make sure that the video you are adding makes sense for your site. Otherwise, you could be adding a video that nobody wants to see.

Since YouTube is really popular now, there are a lot of different video creation tools and editing tools available on the Internet. Use any one of these free tools to create a stellar video. Not only can you embed video to your site using the HTML code that's provided, you can also (and should) share your video on sites like Facebook.

Video VS Content: A Perfect Mix, Embed Video On Your Site

It's not enough to simply post videos to your site anymore. Google wants to see some original content on your site too, so don't skip the words. However, you can create a good mix of video and content to make Google (and your readers) happy.

The trick is to find content (of any kind) that's full of unique things and ideas. Just make sure that your cheap hosting provider is able to handle all of the video hits that you may get! Otherwise, you could go over your site allowance, and this may cost you a lot of extra cash – or even a site shutdown.

Need help posting a YouTube video or making one? Let us know in the comments below, and we will get back to your shortly.

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