How To Embed A G+ Post

If you're not consistently trying to make your website better, you should be. Improving your site as much as possible means keeping up with current news and trends – or just reading this blog because, well, we do it for you! Like this news, for example: Google+ now allows you to embed posts on other sites.

Why should you care? Again, it all goes back to marketing your site. Over the past few months, Google Plus has really been picking up speed, and not through Google social site is a mistake. While once thought of as a poor attempt to keep up with the likes of Facebook, Google Plus is now a real social contender.

How to Embed a Post in google plus

See why you'll want to lean all about Google Plus' new tricks? Okay, now that we're on the same page, here's how to embed a G+ post on another site.Google Plus How To Embed A G+ Post

  1. Look at the upper right hand corner of a post that you've created on Google Plus.
  2. Find the 'embed' button in the drop down menu.
  3. Copy the code, and paste that code into your website.

The whole process is simple enough, but it provides a great way for people to see what you're up to on G+. There's more too.

How To Embed A G+ Post: Why Embed?

Google states that the new embedded posts are completely interactive, so you can +1 a post, follow someone through a post, or comment on that post. Embedding a post provides a way to spread the news of your social presence across the Internet, and to pick up new followers (which is always a good thing, right?). Plus, Google is trying to stay on top of the social scene, and social media users want embedding to happen.

Even if you've never used Google Plus before or have no idea how to code, Google has made it all so very simple. If you use WordPress for your site or blog, simply head to the text part of a post, and add the code provided. That's it, the embedded post should work find once that's done.

How To Embed A G+ Post: Author Attribution

Google has also added a way for authors to attribute work with a new feature introduced last week called ‘author attribution.' This feature allows works to be linked back to a specific author, and this, in turn makes it easier to follow someone. Attributing a work to an author won't put you on the top of the Google search engine rankings, but that might just be where Google is headed with this search in the near future.

If you need help with social embedding, just ask. We're here to help make sure that your web hosting site is up, running, and the best that it can be – and, yes, even web hosting companies have to take part in social media! Got questions? Just ask!

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