Hosting Review Nexcess

Company Introduction – Hosting Review Nexcess

Hosting Review NexcessKey Selling Points

  • Managed eCommerce and CMS hosting company

Services Offered – Hosting Review Nexcess

  • Entry level packages to custom clustered or hosting configurations
  • Nexcess Hosting Service for high-traffic eCommerce stores
  • WooCommerce hosting
  • WordPress, ExpressionEngine, and Craft CMS hosting services
  • Performance-optimized Magento hosting

Headquarters: Southfield, Michigan

Establishment: 2000

Data centers: distributed throughout the United States, Europe, and Australia


President and CEO: Chris Wells
VP of Channel Sales: Jeries Eadeh

Support: 24.7.365 by highly qualified experts

Hosting Review Nexcess –  Customers

Target Customers: entry-level packages to custom clustered/complex hosting configurations

What for Customers?

  • Maximum performance and security for high profile sites and stores.
  • Hosting services ranging from entry-level packages to custom/clustered or complex configurations.
  • Incredibly low latencies and constant availability
  • hosting services with the best technology
  • Achieves maximum performance for high-profile web sites
  • maximize security and privacy of customer data

Nexcess Web Tools

  • Secure Password Generator: It helps in generate a password that would be more resistant to cracking efforts. The company offered two ways of password generators: Traditional random character generator and Multiple word generators.
  • Global DNS checker: If the user just changed name servers/DNS records, Global DNS Checker will track the multiplication of these changes globally.
  • User Environment: It shows user's current browser environment which helps in increasing functionality, performance and compatibility.

Hosting Review Nexcess –  Latest News

  • (September 21, 2017) Sponsored Social Mitten, Michigan’s Leading Social Media Conference on September 22, 2017, at Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center in East Lansing, MI. The conference attendees include social media professionals, thought leaders, and marketing experts.
    Marketing Coordinator, Gasper Rubino would talk about content management systems, the foundation of an effective business website. He would cover systems which include WordPress, Craft CMS, and ExpressionEngine.
  • (September 11, 2017) Sponsoring Human Element NEXT Conference In Detroit. The conference devoted to eCommerce and digital marketing. The company Vice President Jerry Eadeh would speak at the conference about the impact of emerging cloud technology on the retail industry. Furthermore, the benefits and issues eCommerce retailers face as they transition from traditional on-premise infrastructure to managed cloud platforms.
  • (August 01, 2017) Announced its Sponsorship for Meet Magento Indonesia, one of the premier eCommerce and Magento conferences in Southeast Asia. The meet takes place in Jakarta on August 3rd at the Ayana Mid Plaza. Attended by Magento retailers, eCommerce professionals, service providers, developers, and experts. Leading players from regional and international Magento community gives the presentation. Max Yekaterynenko, Magento’s Director of Community Engineering, give a presentation entitled Magento 2 Architecture. Developer’s Guide, and Bianca Lee, Managing Director of Love Bonito Indonesia, discussed Empowering Women Through Fashion. It would help Indonesian retailers to take their stores to the next level.
  • (December 07, 2016) Nexcess Expands its international hosting operations eCommerce and CMS Hosting to New Sydney, Australia Data Center

Latest News

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