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Hosting Review FutureHostingFuture Hosting web hosting company has servers located in different parts of the world as the company servers diverse clients, one in London, another in Miami, in Australia, in Chicago and in Los angeles. Aimed at providing high quality customer care along with reliable and cost-effective hosting services to people from all parts of the world.

The company offers a variety of services ranging from dedicated servers, VPS, CDN, management services, web hosting among others. The company since inception has laid emphasis on client satisfaction to further develop their company over the years.

Key Selling Points

  • Leading Internet solutions provider
  • Specialized VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting provider

Establishment: 2001

Services Offered: Internet solutions provider, Managed Hosting which includes Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Servers, and Hybrid Virtual Private Servers.

Headquarters: Southfield, Michigan


VP of Operations: Maulesh Patel

Hosting Review FutureHosting – Customers

What for Customers?

  • Reliable, Speedy and High-quality service
  • Rich Featured hosting services
  • Innovative pricing models
  • 3-hour Service Level Agreement
  • Choice of Multiple Geographic Locations

Uptime: 99.9%

Support: 24.7.365 fast response

Latest News

  • (November 02, 2017) The increasing number of malicious scans prompted the company to warn server admins to keep SSH keys safe. Furthermore, not to upload private SSH keys to production servers. It compromises data if keys go into the hands of malicious third parties. Hence the company advises using passphrases with their SSH key pairs. The warning is like to raise awareness on the issue to help server administrators.
  • (March 2, 2017 ) Future Hosting Advises Hosting clients using CentOS 5 to upgrade to more modern operating system as CentOS 5 will reach end-of-life on 31 March 2017

Features offered

Some of the features that the company's hosting company offers their clients include:

  • The option of choosing between using a Plesk or a c Panel control panel.
  • Other features that the clients of the company get are great bandwidth and disk space offers along with support of various programming languages such as Perl, Python, CGI among many others.
  • Clients can also choose the control panel to use and the management of their hosting services.

1 IP address included per server. Additional IPs available for a monthly fee with justification.

Latest News

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