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control your cloudWhile the word ‘cloud' is being thrown around left and right and businesses signing up for cloud hosting services with increasing speed, there are issues that need to be addressed. Security is one of them, and often due to security analysts warning of the possible breaches that could occur.

But why are people so scared of the cloud? It can save a company a bundle of money, especially in the lessened need for IT staff. But remember, it's a lessened need. You don't want to get rid of your entire IT department. You still need someone there to manage, secure, and deliver content to the cloud. Security is a major concern, but doesn't need to be the end-all of your cloud hosting strategy.

Private Cloud To The Rescue

When you're concerned about the security of your data while it travels from your within business to the cloud outside of your business, know that you can introduce an internal cloud. Not only does this allow you to slowly move your way to the public cloud over time, it is a great way to deal with regulatory and legal issues of storing certain types of data in the cloud.

Increasingly, companies are storing their data with a handful of big name cloud vendors. These companies will place their customer data into a cloud hosting environment with one cloud company and their applications into the cloud of another. It seems to be thought that if one cloud fails for any reason, they can simply just move data over to the other cloud. Although it will take a few days at most, that's better than finding a whole new cloud solution!

Cloud Is Growing

The cloud is giving businesses the power to scale down their in-house IT systems by accessing these applications and data remotely thanks to cloud hosting. This leads to a lower rate of outsourcing: IT systems are less likely to be incompatible and won't require any form of integration. This leads to the scaling down of IT staff, as well as significant cost savings that go along with it — one of the major reasons a business switches to cloud hosting in the first place.

Cisco surveyed over 2,000 tech managers in 13 countries in December 2012, and discovered 52 percent of them rely on, or plan to rely on in the future, cloud hosting. As more businesses see that the security risks are the same as traditional hosting environments, that number is expected to grow.

And it's easy to see why businesses would find value in the cloud. Take Amazon, for example. It is highly scalable, and offers pay-as-you-go storage for startups and small businesses to begin their ventures without the massive amount of capital typically required to invest in IT.

Control Your Cloud: Balance Is Key

So although it may not be the totally secure option out there, know that nothing is totally secure. It's the nature of computing. The best bet: retain some IT staff to assure that you are doing everything in your power to protect yourself from a dangerous security breach. This is the only way. Although you can't say it won't happen, the more prepared you are, the less likely your chances.

Are you afraid of the cloud? What are some of your concerns?

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