Many factors go into choosing a great web hosting. You probably want a cheap web hosting company, one the comes with a domain, and plenty of perks, right? But, have you thought about security features? No matter what web hosting company you select, you should watch out for the following five hosting security features – and break any deal that doesn't come with (at least) some of these.  warning Hosting Security

1. Securely Encrypted Connections. All hosts (most of them, anyway) come with secure file transfer. In addition to secure transfers, your host should offer SCP, SSH, or other form of encryption security.

2. Network security. Again, most hosting companies will offer some kind of network security, but basic security might not always be enough. Look for firewalls at the application, router, and server levels for ultimate protection.

3. Malware Protection. I can't stress this one enough. Malware can infect your computer – at home or in your office – and many hosts do not offer malware security. Double-check to make sure that malware won't be a problem when you sign up for that cheap hosting site.

4. Data center protection. This one goes a bit outside of that box. At the end of your computer (and the host you choose) is a data center – a physical place that houses all of a hosting company's data. This place must be securely protected and patrolled. Seem extreme? In some countries, whole data centers have been hijacked. Ask about physical security protection on site.

5. General Security. Before you sign up with a hosting company, ask about security policies and practices. You can read through all of that fine print available on most sites, but calling a company will put you in touch with a live person. From there, you can judge whether or not a company stands behind its security promises.

When it comes to selecting a host, security isn't a light matter. Sometimes it's not possible to prevent hacks from happening, but (most of the time) it is. Do you run a cloud hosting or other hosting company? What kind of hosting security do you offer your clients?

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