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When traffic to your hosting site suddenly slows down, there are a few possible explanations. The obvious ones being a lack of updated content, bad marketing, and blog posts that nobody wants to read. The less obvious ones are far more technical. If your site has suddenly slowed, here are some possible reasons why.  Site Traffic Slowed

1. Has Your Site Been Hacked? Sites that come under hacker attack will slow down to a crawl. Why? It's possible that your traffic is being redirected to another site. The best way to tell if your site has been hacked is to take a peek inside and see what's happening. You can also Google the following: links:yoururl(dot com). If anything odd is happening, you will see the problem right away.

2. Is Your Site Running? I know this might seem blatantly obvious, but it's not always cut and dry. Your website host may be down, or your hosting company may be facing an issue or two. If your site is down, you won't see any kind of traffic flow.

3. Check the Webmasters Tool Account. Log into your account and see whether or not Google has added any new updates. These updates will be listed underneath the “Messages” section of the webmaster account. You may need to follow specific steps to get your site up and running again.

4. Analytics Code Issues. Have you added a plugin lately? Did you play with code? When analytics code isn't set up properly, a site will slow down (or stop altogether). Keep in mind that plugins can sometimes clash. If you've installed more than one plugin recently, this could be the crux of the problem.

It's never a good thing to wake up to a site that's not working. The best thing to do is troubleshoot, fix the problem, and move on – hoping that you haven't upset too many potential clients! You do want to keep your uptimes on the rise, so try to minimize any risks by not messing around with coding and plugins too much.

Conclusion Site Traffic

If the problem you are facing has to do with your current web hosting company, you may want to think about switching providers. There are lots of articles on our site about how to switch and what to look for, so keep these tips in mind if you do need to make a change. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

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