H.P. aims to change the server world as you currently know it. The company has just devised something internally known as “Project Moonshot.” There are two main things that set H.P.'s newest server apart from the rest. First, the server will be updated every few months. Second, H.P. will be partnering with various chip suppliers, instead of just the usual one.

About the New H.P. Server

 New ServerH.P.'s new server uses Intel chips that are also low-power chips. This server, running on the Intel chips, uses 89% less energy than most servers on the market. That adds up to huge business cost savings. Additionally, the server is nearly 80% smaller in size than other servers — 80% smaller! This means that your server doesn't have to take up a massive amount of space.

In addition to Intel, H.P. is also partner with various other chip providers including Texas Instruments, Applied Materials, Advanced Micro Devices, and various others. But, that's not all. H.P. also plans on creating a new version of this server every few months.

More Updates

Typically, servers are completely revamped and updated on a yearly basis. This particular server will go through some upgrades, but upgrades will happen much more regularly. H.P. has told press that the server will be updated every few months, and that's really something unusual in the server world.

H.P. executives have told press that the new server will reflect the changing world. If smartphones and other devices can be updated regularly, why can't a server go through the same update process? H.P. is certainly a step ahead of the server crowd. Who will the new server be for, and who will get the most use out of the new H.P. server?

Good For Some Actions

The H.P. server in question will not be the best option for sites that need to process millions of transactions. But, it is a server that will work well when it comes to the basic website. H.P. has also created its own storage, networking, and software to go along with the server, so users will get the full package from this purchase.

If you're looking for a server that's ahead of the times and comes with really innovative software (and you run a website that doesn't have to process those millions of transactions), the new H.P. offering is really interesting. It's also a step in the right direction for H.P., which was, largely, a company that was losing out on the marketshare to bigger competitors.

New Server Availability

When will this miraculous new server be available? H.P. has stated that the new server will be available in the second half of 2013. So, you'll have to wait a bit longer to get your hands on Project Moonshot. Still, it's really great to know that such technology exists, and that the server universe is stepping into the modern world.

Server updates that happen every few years, are on the bulky side, and take too much energy are things of the past. Now, companies like H.P. are setting the bar much higher.

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